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Mysteryland Music Festival Teams Up With Charities


Mysteryland Music Festival Teams Up With Charities

One month prior to Mysteryland USA’s 2015 event, their team will be teaming up with Children’s Community Garden, Sullivan Renaissance Program, and Bethal Woods Centre for their annual 10,000 HOURS community day. On this special and unique day, volunteers will be encouraged to donate their time to revamping the Children’s Community Garden in Bethal in exchange for a free Mysteryland ticket!

The goal for the project is to influence young ravers that charity and fun go hand in hand. With a mission like this, they’re on their way to increasing the #PLUR levels worldwide. The volunteers are intended to collectively contribute at least 10,000 hours of community service, hence the name of the event. Any participants will get a free Nomad Weekend & Holy Ground camping ticket to Mysteryland USA. The concept’s incredible, so if you can’t make your way over to participate, try to find a way to make a difference with your fellow rave-lovers. Read more about the Mysteryland volunteer work here.

By: Taylor Rozenblat

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