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Don’t have a booking agent? No Problem! Here are 5 startups that will help you book your next gig!


Don’t have a booking agent? No Problem! Here are 5 startups that will help you book your next gig!

Booking a gig by yourself is very hard especially when you are just starting out. Here are 5 amazing startups that want to revolutionize the way artists, promoters and venues work!


Gigwax is a DJ booking marketplace where anyone can easily discover and book amazing DJs nearby. DJs can create a profile for free to start receiving gigs opportunities in their city. With Gigwax you can create a comprehensive online profile that lets you showcase your services, gather ratings and reviews and get booked! Without the middleman. Event organizers can quickly find and book the right DJ for their event and pay with a credit card. All of the payments are collected and held by Gigwax until the service is rendered complete and satisfactory.  At the moment Gigwax has a community of more than 2500 registered DJs.
Check it out here:



AGNT – The AIRBNB for finding DJ’s, connects the DJ directly to the promoter.  AGNT is very easy to use. It has a beautiful looking website and a very impressive mobile app. You create a profile, select the events you mainly play, your generes, the equipment you need and all of your social media profiles. When you finish creating your profile you can actively browse events and pitch your services to the organizers or wait for organizers to book you. AGNT has an amazing ESCROW system that protects the DJ and the promoter. AGNT takes 3% commission from the DJ’s booking fee and a precentage from the promoter.

Check it out here:



Gigmit is a berlin based company, so at the moment most of the gigs it offers are in europe. Gigmit has one of the largest gig databases with over 1,500 gigs every month with exclusive venues that you will not be able to book anywhere else. “We founded gigmit to make it as easy as possible for clubs and festivals to connect with artists. More recently, we’ve actually been taking over the programming of venues, and getting some exclusive deals of major festivals in the process.” On top of that, gigmit helps artists get more gigs with gigmit’s services. Artists can obtain the services of a booking agent, gain access to gigs (Premium BASIC/START) and get guaranteed bookings (Premium GOLD).

Check it out here:



Sonicbids offers a wide range of services for artists and promoters. With Sonicbids its easier than ever to book a gig. All you have to is create a profile, click on “Find gigs” and apply for gigs near you. You can also recieve leads from organizers and promoters that are interested in your profile. Sonicbids isn’t exclusive for EDM like other companies in this list.

Check it out here:



Indie On The Move has two options for artists:

Sign Up Free (DIY) – Free Signup or 6.99$/month for a premium DIY account – Create a comprehensive profile, browse/find/follow Venues, Booking Agents, Record Labels, Band Managers and apply to book your next show. With DIY you plan your own tour, apply and talk to agents and venues completely by yourself.

Hire A Pro (DIT) – DIT or Do It Together connects you with a a seasoned Indie on the Move professional that will do all the heavy lifting for you. “Sit back and relax while a seasoned Indie on the Move professional routes your tour, perfects your booking pitch, evaluates your web presence, and contacts suitable music venues in desired markets along your route on your behalf. This is TOUR BOOKING MADE EASY”. The prices of DIT start at 315$.

Check it out here:

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