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All Festivals, Great & Small: Tomorrowland


All Festivals, Great & Small: Tomorrowland

One of the best things electronic dance music has to offer is the amazing festivals put on annually. Regardless of size and location, we thought we’d profile the world’s festivals for you, one by one. Next time you’re looking to hit up something new, check out one of our articles to read a full profile about the event you’re considering! In the category of festivals, no one does it better than Tomorrowland, so we figured it would be the perfect way to kick off the series. 

Located in Belgium, Tomorrowland has been offering the world top DJ lineups and party-antics since 2005. Critics all over the world have praised the efforts of ID&T Belgium’s creation of the largest electronic music festival. As the winner of the best festival of its kind in the world at the International Dance Music Awards in 2012, Tomorrowland is sure to give the full EDM experience you would expect from such a high calibre line of entertainment.

With over 400 DJs spinning there in 2012, the festival has been steadily growing ever since. Over 400,000 people from all over the world attended in 2014. The party is so popular that they actually partner with Brussel Airlines to offer exclusive travel packages from 67 cities across the globe, in order to make the ever increasingly hyped festival even more accessible to its growing audience. And if you still don’t understand the absolute craze associated with Tomorrowland, here’s a fun fact: their full madness tickets sold out in 35 minutes while the remaining tickets sold out in a matter of seconds.

The festival celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014, and the crowd they drew in for the celebration had to be accommodated over two weekends! MTV also decided to make an entire documentary celebrating the special event. But if watching the absolute madness on TV doesn’t quite cut it for you, and trekking all the way to Belgium isn’t an option, you’re not out of luck.

Since 2013, ID&T and SFX Entertainment have set up a spin-off of the festival, called “TomorrowWorld.” It’s the American version, located in Georgia. With over 160,000 attendees, the mania has successfully been brought across the sea. Not only that, but the creation of a Brazilian Tomorrowland was officially announced in July 2014. The dates and lineups of each festivals vary so check their site to see which event’s the best fit for you.

By: Samantha Tavernier

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