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What are we?

We’re an online publication centred on the Electronic Dance Music industry. It’s pretty self-explanatory: We’re trying to build an experience for you, because we were bored with the coverage that’s been put out so far. You come to us to discover new, incredibly talented producers. We’re also where you go to get exclusive interviews with the artists you already know and love. And since our goal is to give you a comprehensive view of the industry, we’re even getting you exclusive interviews with the people running the business half of it all. We’re not giving you the run-of-the-mill EDM news updates you can find in a thousand other places; we’re selecting the songs, artists, and articles based on what we would want to read. Look to HBT for a unique voice and a higher-end perspective on the industry that brought us all together.


Who are we?

The HBT Magazine team has expanded fairly quickly. You’ll find awesome people promoting our work throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. To build up our curated core, we tracked down hard-working, distinct, and ambitious individuals so we could create a high-quality experience for all of our readers. We hope you love what we’ve put together for you all, and keep in mind: we’re just getting started.


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