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Top 5 Best VST Plugins of 2017


Top 5 Best VST Plugins of 2017

Number 5 – Absynth 5

ABSYNTH 5 comes at our 5th place because it is one of the most versatile, unique VSTs we have ever tested. ABSYNTH 5 comes with more than 2,100 great sounding presets and a wide array of effects from the revolutionary “ABSYNTH 5 effects bank”. At 149$ ABSYNTH 5 is perfect for a producer looking for a very high quality sound for a decent price.

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Number 4 – Synplant

We can absolutely guarantee you that “Synplant” will be the most intuitive vst you will ever use.
synplant will take you into a whole different world of sound design you haven’t experienced before.
Instead of creating patches the conventional way by turning dials and knobs, Synplant lets you explore a world of organic sounds by planting seeds that grow into synth patches.
For only 99$ synplant is a great option for every producer looking for some intense, unusual sounds to add to their productions.

Number 3 – Spire

Spire is a VST you probably own.  It’s a power horse plugin for every production which needs some great crispy modern sounds.
Spire may not be the most unique on this list but it certainly is one of the greatest VSTs ever made. At only 132$ for a limited time spire is perfect for every producer regardless of genre or budget.

Number 2 – ANA

Ana comes at our 2nd place mainly because of its’ great price and quality. At only 65$ its the cheapest on our list and in our opinion the easiest to use. ANA comes with three OSC types: analog, advanced noise, and attack containing 133 waveform shapes which allows you to create endless sounds with ease.

Number 1 – Serum

Serum makes sound design fun instead of tedious with its great visual feedback and intuitive workflow.
With serum you can create sharp, unique and powerful sounds like no other VST in the market.

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