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HBT Chats With MEX


HBT Chats With MEX

What first drew you into music?

Back in my early days I just found out what makes music great for me: the fat guitar sound of AC/DC. Those riffs totally drew me into rock and roll and so I was paying a lot of attention to the music market of 1960-70 and even the 1980’s. After all this years I still listen to the good ol’ rock, mainly The Beatles, but right now I really like to find out what the newer, more actual music can deliver to the listener and how I can use those informations in my productions.

Your track “Hide” is absolutely amazing! How did you achieve such a great signature sound in such a short time? Also, what is your creative process like?

I just wanted to be creative on this one. This song took me at the most a week because for me it was so easy to just create something with this still acoustic song. The songwriting of the official version of this track was excellent and so I just wanted to complete it with some “reggae-ish” drums, cinematic strings and percussion. 

The creativity in my songs comes from feeling fine with the sounds I already have or create in that moment. If I feel good – the song will be good. I easily start with my piano or guitar and then put in all the work into my music program. 

Going over your Soundcloud we can tell you love experimenting with new sounds. Can you tell us more about your studio setup and some of your favourite plugins/instruments? 

I totally work “in the box” – that’s some music producer blah blah *laughs*. The whole production starts and ends on my computer. For recording I use some high class audio interfaces and the rest happens in the DAWs FL Studio and Cockos Reaper. With synthesizer I really like to vary. I really don’t have a favourite synth. If the input sounds good, it doesn’t matter which brand that instrument or plugin is.

Your music sounds very organic and authentic. Do you play any real-life instruments? 

Yes – guitar, bass, drums and the keys. Some analogue sound in songs is always welcome. And that’s why you’ll always hear something interesting in my songs – may it be a cinematic drum or a good old Moog synthesizer.

What are your musical goals for the future?

It would be pretty awesome if I could do what I do right now also in the future. I don’t need  more expensive hardware or plugins. Let me summarize it: Keep making music and having people who listen to my work.

What are your goals for the coming months? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

The first and already ongoing project is – at least one song per month. I could totally release one song per week – but the song quality wouldn’t fit in this short amount of time. So – one song per month. Also there will be a lot of bootlegs and collaborations with artists around the world. Next year there also may be a big song mashup with different genres and styles in one big live set. Just stay tuned!

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