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Hip-Hop’s Rising Star: TheYungJB


Hip-Hop’s Rising Star: TheYungJB

What first drew you into music?

I’ve always been passionate about music since a young age . Lil Wayne inspired me to start rapping. 

You are one of the best up and coming musicians we have encountered on the internet! And your track “Grinding” is probably your best track yet! Could you tell us more about the story behind this track?

The Song was actually freestyled . In terms of the concept of the song, it’s about chasing my dreams within the music business . It was produced by Kurtis Guap at Like Wine Music studios in Pretoria, South Africa.

Going over your Soundcloud we can tell you love experimenting with new sounds. Can you tell us more about your studio setup and some of your favorite plugins/instruments?

I record my music in Pretoria,South Africa. Kurtis Guap uses FL Studio mostly .One of the best softwares out there .

Your signature sound is already very professional and amazing to listen to! How did you manage to achieve such a professional sound in such a short time? Can you tell us more about your musical background?

I have been making music for ten years . Back then I didn’t know the fundamentals of the music business . I spent a lot of time researching how to market my music and ever since then , I’ve been able to make a buzz with my music.

All of your tracks are very melodic. Do you play any real-life instruments?

I do not own any instruments . 

What are your goals for the coming months? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

Yes . My 3rd album 199LIT is on the way. Some sample clearance is still in process . I have featured “Kurtis Guap”, “D-Makasini”, “YH The Rapper” , and “Kido K”

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