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HBT Chats With Joseph Spender


HBT Chats With Joseph Spender

What first drew you into music production and EDM in particular?

Everything started from a young age when my entourage was rather trendy hip hop or rap. I was always more into trendy house / electro like Darude’s Sandstorm or Tiësto’s Insomnia, that’s what I was influenced by. Today escape a kind of freedom that I do not like in other styles of music.

Your signature sound reminds us of the sound of some of the greatest house producers in the world (Carl Cox, Axwell etc) How did you manage to achieve such a professional sound in such a short time? Can you tell us more about your musical background?

Short time lol it is now 6 years that I work in the studio but it took me a while ago to have a certain level of production to have track quality hope I work for the same success lol anyway I work hard.

Going over your Soundcloud we can tell you how to make lots of different kinds! Which genre is your favorite to produce?

It’s a very good question you asked, to be honest, I like both house and bass music it’s just that I did not want to get into a box, I produce what I want.

Your latest track “So Long” is your best track in our opinion! Could you tell us more about the story behind this track? Also, what is your creative process like?

So this track is what represents me the most if I do not want to enter a box , house music is really for me the heart of electronic music can be inserted beautiful melody of the beautiful voice which is a little harder on other musical style, concerning my production process I am very much based on the melody at the beginning then the rhytmic later etc.

What are your musical goals for the future?

I really want my music to be recognized in the world , that my music does them good , that my music makes them dream, no matter the social status, that he forgets their daily life is that he travels 

What are your goals for the summer? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

During this summer I turn in (France, Italy, Spain, Czech republic) it’s pretty cool my goal is to take a maximum of pleasure meet with my audience, I’m a lot of time in my dark room its good to see the light lol sometimes it happened to me in the studio is not seen the light of the day during one week.

For my projects coming, I can not talk too much about it right now for the moment I have a collab with big star international come winter / spring 2020. Also a lot of tracks with my favorite label the sirup label the edx label.

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