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What first drew you into music?

Well, my dad used to be a singer-songwriter back in the days however he was reluctant to groom me to follow his footsteps which is something I always wanted to inherit from him so I’d say for me it was a way to connect with my father.

Listening to your music we can tell you love incorporating interesting new sounds and techniques within each track! What inspires you to experiment and evolve?

I was born and raised in Africa, specifically in the Comoros Islands and I grew up with a different musical ear under the folklore of Youssou N’dour, Fela Kuti, Ali Farka Toure as well as  American legends such as Ray Charles, King, Eagles and many more and I try to resuscitate their sounds within my melodies.

It seems like you already found your signature sound 😊 Do you have any tips for upcoming musicians that can’t seem to find their own sound?

Just be yourself don’t follow the wave otherwise you become just another wannabe rapper, I heavily listen to Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean and the late Mac Miller I consider them creators, they are among the very few artists of our generation that are not afraid to be labeled different and unorthodox. Create and recreate and don’t be afraid to explore.

Your track “Beautiful Hell” is your best track in our opinion! From its artwork to the Incredibly powerful sound we absolutely love it. Could you tell us more about the story behind this track? Also, what is your creative process like?

I am currently in the Military which has been my main source of income for the last 9 years of my life and I’ve seen men and women suffer from internal wounds and succumb to suicide. It’s a subject many of us avoid and unless one loses it in public and cries for attention no one cares to ask and we need to do a better job to check on one another as no one is safe we all have a responsibility when it comes to this. The oxymoron on this title exposes exactly what it is cause often times we are left with more questions than answers when it comes to this no one ever knows the exact reason why.

What are your musical goals for the future?

I’d love to be remembered someday as someone who has made a difference and a style to be reckoned. I hope to make an impact in the industry someday and hopefully, my music will help inspire new artists and listeners alike.

What do you have planned for the coming months? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

I am currently working on an Album hoping to have the Album ready by August, it’s got beautiful melodies, and aspiring words that brings all ages and flavors together. This Album tells my story and those of others in my surrounding so it’s a project that I have been investing time and hard work into and it will not disappoint.

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