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Catching Up With iamMTN


Catching Up With iamMTN

Your track “Daedalus” is a unique EDM/Big Room track with distinct Trance vibes. This is the first time we have heard a producer merging these two genres together. Care to share more about your creative processes?

I have always been a fan of Trance, it’s what got me into dance music in the first place. When the EDM/Big Room trend hit the scene, I really loved the energy that it brought to the dance floor. Throughout my career as a DJ & Producer, I have been trying to find ways to merge the two together. Emotional breakdowns with big soaring pads, combined with high-energy drops are what get me moving!

I almost always start with the drums & bass in a track, building a solid groove. After all, this is music for the club, and without a foundation, the track will not hit like it needs to. Once I have worked that out, I move to the breakdown and try to come up with a chord progression and melody that moves me. Then it becomes a matter of blending those two main elements together for the perfect combination.

In the spirit of the last question, what is the story behind “Daedalus” and how did you think of this incredible combination of genres?

My friend Kye Lewis sent me a simple drum groove and a bass line that he had sketched out but couldn’t think of anything else to do with.  As soon as I heard it, I had the drop idea in my head and got right to work. It took about a day or so to flesh everything out for the drops and keep things interesting by changing the lead sound for the second drop.  While working on the drops, I kept hearing a chord progression in my head.  About another day or two later, 75% of the track was finished!  I packed up the project and sent it back to Kye for some tweaking and further polishing.  He changed the chords slightly and made the transition from the Trance style breakdown to the Big Room/Melbourne Bounce drops fit perfect.


Your debut album is another great example of incredible creativity and production skills. We can tell that you are not a newcomer when it comes to production and wonder when you started producing music? Also, what drew you into it in the first place?

I started producing about 8 or 9 years ago. I live in Boulder, CO now but at the time was in Denver.  My friends were the first ones to get me into the rave scene back then.  After going to my first show, the EDM community immediately it felt like home.  I grew up listening to pretty much every genre imaginable, but there is something so special about dance music that keeps me coming back for more every year.  No matter what day of the week, or what mood I’m in, there is a sub-genre that fits the occasion and I think that’s part of what’s so special about it.

You are a DJ as well as a producer; care to share more about your favorite places to DJ and where we can find you?

I started DJ’ing before producing, and it’s really for me what everything circles back around to.  Playing for a crowd and seeing their reaction to something you created from within your soul is the best feeling in the world.  The energy between you and the dance floor is incredible and once you have a taste, it becomes an addiction.  I have DJ’ed all over Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs at places like the legendary Beta Nightclub, Vinyl, The Church, Bar Standard, and Milk to name a few.  I am currently putting together a tour for late 2018/early 2019 so if you want to see me, let your local promoters know!  I would love to play some shows in LA and along the west coast.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Touring and making music every day, living the dream!


2017 has been a great year for you and we wonder what you have in store for 2018? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

The last two years have all been about my album and putting that out into the world, now it’s time to get out and play some shows.  I have monthly track releases lined up all the way through January right now, both remixes and singles, so LOTS of new music headed your way!  You can always find the latest news and releases on my website – and I put out a monthly email newsletter so you don’t miss a beat. Thank you guys at HBT Mag for the opportunity, and let’s see what the future holds!


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