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Discover Kenny Fields

What first drew you into hip hop?

I was introduced to hip hop when I was about eight or nine, Kanye West had recently dropped his graduation album. I remember my cousin showing me a few tracks and me being amazed at the sound, I instantly fell in love with the craft and with the art that is rap.


Your track “Blueprint” is very modern and sounds very professional. How did you achieve such a great signature sound in such a short time? Also, what is your creative processes like?

Thank you! I’ve been experimenting with different sounds and beats for a while, and all though I’m still finding my sound. I’ve more or less figured out which beats and melodies I flow best on. My creative process is a little trippy, it’s always been very easy for me to get distracted, so I like to find a quiet place where music surrounds the room. I really just talk about my life and things I go through, so when I get in my zone its natural for me to lay down what I’m feeling. 

You don’t mention any producers in any of your tracks, do you produce your beats yourself?

I work with other producers who do all the engineering part of the song, originally my boy since high school, 9inetysevn (AKA Alex Martin) is the one that created most of my beats starting off. I’ve been recently working with my dude Enovate and some other producers. We really work together as artists to create the right fitting sound. I don’t currently produce or engineer, but I’m in the process of learning!


You recently started releasing a lot of tracks in a short period of time, do you plan to maintain this rapid release schedule?

Most Definitely. A lot of people in the game lack consistency, so thats something I’ve wanted to make my focus. I just want to make great music for people and my supporters and always have quality material on the table, so be on the lookout for new music!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Man, who knows what God has planned out for me, but I just want to stay focused and enjoy everything that comes my way. I just know in 5 years I see myself in a really good place, probably touring the world or something, but definitely making big moves.

What are your goals for this year, any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

By the end of this year I want to make a name for myself and have my music shared to a bigger audience than ever before, Most definitely I want to hit six figure plays and numbers on different platforms. I really just want to grow my selection of music before I perform live to a big crowd. As far as projects go nothing confirmed yet, but I’ll be working on an EP sooner than you think.


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