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Meet Grace Gaustad


Meet Grace Gaustad

What first drew you into music and singing in particular? 

 I was very young when my mom introduced me to music. She loved singing and songwriting but never pursued it professionally. I think I discovered my love of singing before I even understood what it was. When I was very little I would go around the house singing and making up songs that made no sense and as I got older those words turned to lyrics and the melodies started to correspond. I also think that discovering Lady Gaga (my favorite artist) as a child ten years ago has influenced my music tremendously. 

You are one of the best up and coming singer/songwriters we have encountered on the internet! And your latest track “Photogenic” is one of our all-time favorites. How did you manage to write such a professional sounding record at such a young age? What’s your creative process like?

Photogenic is one of my favorite songs. I was lucky enough to write the song with two incredible writers Carlie Hanson and Skyler Stonestreet. The phenomenal Oak Felder who is a Grammy award winning producer, is responsible for the production on the track! It was one of those songs that just came together beautifully with all the right people with all the right chemistry. We thought of a theme together and ran with it.

Your track “Same Blood” is another great example of how capable you are as a singer! The mixing is on point and the melodies/runs are out of this world! Could you tell us more about how you practice/maintain your voice?

I am lucky enough to work with an incredible vocal coach, Don Lawrence. He is also Lady Gaga’s coach and I feel truly blessed to work with him. He has taught me a technique that allows me to sing safely and keep my voice healthy. He also has a series of warm ups that I do before a performance, recording, or just for everyday writing.

Your signature sound reminds us of the sound of some of the greatest singers in the world (Phoebe Ryan, Lorde etc). How did you manage to achieve such a professional sound in such a short time?  Can you tell us more about your musical background?

I work really hard at staying in my lane and trying to create and sing songs that truly mean something to me. I think that the professional sound comes from my experience. Even though I’m only 17, I have been writing, singing, playing, and recording for 12 years already. As far as my musical background goes, I started piano lessons at age 5 but was never able to learn how to read music. I play by ear and I am mostly self taught. The only place I am classically trained is vocally.

You have only started putting up music on Soundcloud 2 months ago and you are already getting tens of thousands of views! How does it feel to receive such a warm welcome from the community?

It has been incredible! I really love Soundcloud. It is a wonderful place for artists who like me are just starting out. The community is unlike any other platform I have seen!

What are your goals for this summer? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

My goal for this summer is to release my first EP which fans can expect towards the end of August! I will be posting updates about release dates and sneak peaks of new songs on my Instagram @grace.gaustad

The first single off of the EP is called “Human” and will be out June 28th.

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