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HBT Chats With WizG


HBT Chats With WizG

How long have you guys been producing?

While we’ve listened to dance music for years now it wasn’t until the beginning of 2017 when I (Josh) started producing. Once we graduated school in May, Kostas joined forming WizG.

Given that you’re L.A-based, where would you tell our readers to go out when they’re there?

Depending on the vibe you want, there are a few different places we recommend. If you’re looking for a smaller, more exclusive but fun lounge, we’d recommend the top floor of Doheny Room. If you are looking to club, we highly recommend Nightingale Plaza and if you’re looking to see a performer, we recommend the venue Exchange LA.


How’s your workflow when you’re working on a new track? Do each of you have a part you’re better at, or do you just bounce ideas around and vibe off of each other’s creativity?

It all starts with finding that unique catchy melody, from there I (Josh) take control and produce the track using Ableton, while having Kostas in the room to bounce ideas off of as a second ear. Once the instrumental is complete, we then look for singers/songwriters to finish off the track. We were fortunate with our debut single, “Beautiful Lie” to collaborate with our close friend Nora Kenza. We have also found social media as a great outlet for us to find singers/songwriters. If you’re reading this and want to work with us feel free to DM us. We love working with aspiring artists that are hungry and have the same amount of passion towards music as we do.


Your debut single “Beautiful Lie” just came out, and it’s a wonderful demonstration of your talent and creativity. What sorts of reactions are you getting from your fans and the industry?

We are genuinely surprised and grateful for how positive of a response ‘Beautiful Lie’ has received. Right now, we are close to 30k plays on SoundCloud and have made 5 Spotify playlists. Although stats are great, and we look forward to only going up with future tracks, it’s the response from friends and comments on social media that have been the most gratifying. It’s a very rewarding feeling getting a snapchat from friends bumping our track and seeing how much they’re enjoying our music. As an artist, you’re going to have a biased opinion towards your own track, so seeing a positive response from not only friends, but fans too, is justification that we are doing something right, and keeps us motivated to improve on every track.

What are you working on right now? What do you have coming up?

We’ve been in the studio creating nonstop. As of today, we have finished our next 4 tracks, which we will be releasing between now and April. Our next release, ‘Raging Sea’ featuring our good friend and Grammy nominated artist Georgi Kay, is set for January 1, 2018. Georgi is fresh off her release of Guilty Pleasures, which is a track Kostas and I had the privilege of hearing live before its official release. She was a joy to work with in the studio and is talented as all hell.


Tell us about your dream career: where do you see yourself and your music in a few years from now?

While we know this dream may be far-fetched to others, to us, we live and breathe by it every day. To be able to not only support ourselves, but make an impact on peoples lives by making music would be the ultimate reward and our dream career. Performing festivals all over the world, having residencies at multiple clubs and collaborating with big time artists would be the cherry on top.


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