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Discover Felonius chino


Discover Felonius chino

What first drew you into hip-hop?

The sounds, I remember hearing The Chronic, Me Against The World and other classic CD’s being played as a kid. Hip-Hop is the sound of my childhood.


Your latest track “waterfalls” is one of the best hip-hop tracks we have heard in recent times, Could you tell us more about your creative processes?

Word, appreciate it! I was close to finishing my EP, Life as I Know It. Travis Murray and I produced the beat one night, then I wrote it after I kicked home from his place. I like when things just come natural, this song came like a snap.

Coming from Canada do you have any favorite clubbing spots?

Red Room and Fortune Sound Club, for shows The Orpheum, Commodore Ballroom and Biltmore Cabaret. Although, I’m not in the clubs enough.


You have worked with many producers in the past, Do you have any producers you would like to collaborate with?

Travis Murray, Keem the Cipher and Brock Berrigan for now, all three are talented and dope producers. If I had a choice though I’d work with No ID or Madlib

How would you summarize 2017?

A lesson to follow in to the New Year.


Coming into 2018, Do you have any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

I got a special music video I’m excited about dropping soon. And really I’m just hyped to make things for people to enjoy, make their world a little more interesting.


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