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Catching Up With LainTheGyfted


Catching Up With LainTheGyfted

What first drew you into hip-hop?

I’ve always been a fan of hip hop ever since I could remember, but the two songs that I always go back too are Kanye West “Good Life” ft T-Pain and Kid Cudi “Day ‘N’ Nite. I love Good Life because it talks about you living the lavish life I’ve always been a dreamer and I’m starting to see that I can live that life I’ve always wanted the only thing that’s stopping me is the man in the mirror. Also I love Day and Night because for starters Cudi is one of my biggest influences and when I was going through rough times in my life he seemed like one of the few I could relate too and plus the song itself is a nice song you can just listen too while walking around the neighborhood at night.


Your track “down” is very laid-back and has a very “chill” vibe to it. And You don’t really hear this style in hip-hop today. Are you inspired by old-school hip hop?

I’m inspired by art in general anything that catches my eye I keep a mental note of it and express it through music that being the daily experiences I go through or whatever I witness on Tv. However I have listen to most of the greats (Tupac, Biggie Snoop, etc) and I feel that was a great time everybody was speaking what was really on their mind and what they were going through, I’m no different from when it came to my song “Down” I was going through alot (me getting kicked out of my house) having myself moving couch to couch it was a rough time but somehow through all of it I knew I was gonna be ok. No matter what I go through on my Journey I write out how I feel and Down was the perfect time to express my experience having no one in my corner when I needed them.  


You have worked with many great producers in the past If you could work with anyone who would that be?

I would definitely work Metro Boomin, K Swisha, and Pierre Bourne all for different reasons. Everyone knows Metro makes hits and I feel like his versatility will match mines I just know we would shake the game up!!! For K Swisha he was the one that made “Uber Everywhere” with MadeinTyo and as soon as I heard it I honestly wanted to learn everything about being a producer it was just so wavy and different I never heard anything like it, so I know we would be able to make another hit. And Pierre Bourne seems like the producer that’s next up on the scene for 2018, I peeped his interviews and he just seem like a chill genuine guy I know we would make some tracks people can vibe too.


Your latest track “Journey” is probably your best track to date, Care to share more about your creative processes and how you come up with lyrics?

Thank you I really appreciate that, my process basically consists of me listening to beats and whatever it’s saying to me I just write it down and record it. For example let’s say my page is basically a T.v show and each song/beats are episodes whether that particular episode may be Chill, Sad, inspiring, happy, etc. Now I’m not saying I’m a “Jay-Z” or nothing but usually I be freestyling in my head and I work on my flow and once I’m done I just put down on piece of paper, if there’s some tweaks that need to be adjusted (Too many words, not enough, etc) then I fix it.

How would you summarize 2017?

Honestly this whole year was an entire roller coaster literally once it hit january 1st 2017 I got kicked out of my house because for starters I was failing college and been lying about it for a year and a half and I was the guy that thought I didn’t need my family and man was that a reality check they let me comeback a few days later however when I did come back you could feel the tension the smallest things I did set my parents off it was only a matter of time until I got kicked out again. I moved in with my first friend but they wanted me to pay rent by the end of that week and I didn’t have the money so I had to move to my other friends house, was there for most of the year until things were getting rocky with them then I had to move to my coworker apartment with his roommate. I was endangering his friendship with his roommate because my friend didn’t even inform him that I was moving in. The roommate made it clear from the jump he didn’t want me there while this entire time I was trying to find a roommate and a apartment to stay in but the only one I could trust wasn’t serious about it. However he didn’t want to hear all of that so he gave me a deadline and I had to go luckily by the time I had to move my family was willing to have me stay with them again. Alot happened this year from me getting kicked out numerous times, losing my second job, losing friends and being a disappoint in society. However somehow some way no matter how bad it got I knew I was gonna be alright. I always kept my pen and notebook with me and no matter what I would just write it out however I was feeling songs like Down and Journey were just times when I could escape reality and for people taking the time to actually listen to them and ENJOY them is a blessing. I felt as if the universe was testing me on my journey and they say whatever you’re experiencing in your life is just preparing you for what you’ve been praying for so in order for me to be this Iconic Artist I wanna be I had to go through all that I’ve been through because if not for one I would have nothing to write about and two because I wouldn’t have wanted this as bad this all help me get out of my comfort zone and in that situation it can only make you or break you.


2018 has just started, what are you goals for the new year, any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

I plan to drop a few videos for my songs. Also I have my first tape coming out it’s going to be called “LTG: The Beginning” and basically it’s going to talk a little bit about my life as well as showing off my versatility. I have 17 songs planned, there’s gonna be a little storytelling, party songs, and as well as having some songs you can vibe out with your friends during late nights. The song you listen to “Journey” was just a small taste of something great that I have planned!!! I’m going to take my time with it and I should be dropping it around this summer. Also I have my first show coming up on January 16th at The Prophet Bar in Dallas starting at 7pm.


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