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Axero Interview


Axero Interview

Welcome axero only 18 and producing some of best melodic stuff we’ve heard, come take a look into his personal life, production process and everything in between!

HBTMAG: We loved your collaboration with Sterkøl “Can’t let you go”, How was working on the production of the track, How did you two meet?

Axero: First thank you for the kind words! Sterkol contacted me because he loved my track “River” and asked me to do a collaboration with him, I accepted his offer because I think he is a very talented guy. He sent me some piano chords and a saxophone line and I thought it was amazing, I dropped it into abelton and I made the track around what he sent me. Then, he contacted a singer he already knew and we added the vocals to the song. I was really happy with the end result and I’m happy a lot of people like it.


HBTMAG: We noticed that you are a very melodic producer, do you have any classic musical background?

Axero: For me, melody is the most important thing in a track. I don’t have a classic musical background and I didn’t learn
any music theory. Although i have been playing the guitar for 3 years. That’s why I love adding guitar to my tracks. I also play the piano but not at professional level.


HBTMAG: What drew you into edm?

Axero: About 5 years ago, my brother bought his first controllers and he showed me how they work, but I didn’t really like it.One day, he tried to produce his own song and I discoverd how to make music on a computer, and immediately I was fascinated about it. So I can say it’s thanks to my brother that I’m here today.


HBTMAG: When did you start producing EDM?

Axero: I started with production about two and a half years ago.


HBTMAG: We’ve noticed that your style shifted from classic progressive house to a more tropical style, what encouraged the shift?

Axero: Since I started producing, I always liked progressive house but also tropical, when I heared tracks such as “Klingande – Punga”, I knew I want to produce music in a similar style, at first it was so hard, I tried a saxophone plugin but it sounded bad. Later, I had the opportunity to work with a real saxophonist, that’s why I make tropical house music only right now.I don’t want to change my style, I want to be free to produce Progressive or Tropical when I want, the only thing for me is a good melody, I don’t care about the genre too much and I hope my fans understand.


HBTMAG: why did you call yourself “axero” does it have any special meaning?

Axero: Finding an artist name was a real headache for me, I chose Axero because it sounded good to me,
Yet it doesn’t represent anything.


HBTMAG: Given that you are based in Limoges, what do you think about the edm scence in france?

Axero: There are some amazing producers in France such as Madeon, Klingande and many many more… I think The EDM scene in France is nice, although I think we don’t have enough festivals and shows to answer the demand for edm in France.


HBTMAG: What’s the best advice you’d give to an up and coming producer?

Axero: I receive this question very often, I think that hard work is the most important thing for someone who wants to get better at production, Since I started, I have produced more than 150 tracks! I also made a tutorial on youtube for beginner producers.


HBTMAG: any upcoming releases we can get excited about?

Axero: I have so many amazing tracks to finish and I’m so impatient to release them, lately I have been trying to work with more singers and I hope you like the vocals! You can expect Tropical house aswell as Progressive house in my next few tracks.


HBTMAG: Where do you see yourself in 5 years, what are your long term goals?

Axero: I’ll go where the music takes me, I hope it will be at the top, although the most important thing for me is to live off my passion.

Make sure to check out Axero on all his social media profiles and enjoy his music!

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