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What To Wear To Music Festivals: Guy Edition


What To Wear To Music Festivals: Guy Edition

Hey boys, don’t fret—we didn’t forget about how you should be dressing at music festivals. While the chance of you looking like a two-bit hoe is significantly lower than that of your female companions, we figured you all could use a couple pointers to get ready before your next festival. To any guy that has shown up to a rave shirtless, shoeless, and decked out in kandi: read up. Girls the world over are putting a lot of effort and time into their ensembles, so you have no excuse for slacking. Here are a few tips to help you show up looking like a laid-back womanizer—not a dirty, greasy nobody.

1. Bandanas are all the rage.

They do more than add a touch of hipster to your rad outfit; they hold back your hair and mop up the sweat dripping from your forehead. don’t wear them around your face like you’re part of the Bloods & Crips—leave them wrapped around your head where they belong. We recommend white. Trust us, it’ll look sick in the lighting.

2. Keep your shirt on.

Wife beaters are the epitome of douchebag, and no classy rave girl wants to be seen with a guy attempting to rock one. Hit up the thrift shops and buy some gnarly tie-dye or old band shirts from the ‘80s. An HBT girl, or one that reads this blog, will be sure to notice the cloth and find you within the mosh pit of shirtless randoms.

3. Invest in a pair of sneakers.

Flip flops break easily, and it takes a little more wear and tear to break sneakers. Buy a nice but not outrageously expensive pair like Adidas, Converse, or Jordans and designate them as your ‘rave shoes.’ Maybe even write down the concerts you attend on them. Be creative and let your personality shine through your leather- or canvas-adorned feet.

4. Fannypacks VS Backpacks

The once tacky tourist gadget, the fannypack, has made a recent comeback at raves and festivals alike. While the backpack stays on your shoulders, the fannypack rests on your hips. Take our advice and go for the backpack—it will stay on your back and not move to and fro on your hips as you dance to the music. Keep it a neutral colour like grey or black to go with any outfit you put together. Or, make it a statement piece by buying it in a psychedelic hue and loading it with the kandi that won’t fit on your wrists.

5. Coif that ‘do—but not too much.

Take a look at all the male celebrities these days! Somewhat styled hair is ‘in,’ and the tousled look (*ahem* Ed Sheeran) is ‘out.’ Do yourself a favour and put a dollop of gel before you head out. Paired with that fantastic bandana, you won’t regret it.

6. Accessorize like a prima donna.

Music festivals are one of the few places where guys can get away with wearing more accessories than girls. Load up with your kandi and your stylish sunglasses and your shark tooth (or otherwise atypical) necklace. Save the Rolex for another event.

7. Antiperspirant will be your new best friend.

If you follow any piece of advice out of this entire list, please, we beg you, follow the golden rule: wear antiperspirant. We all know the best fests get pretty crowded, and clustered bodies yield hot temperatures. Don’t ruin the vibe by smelling like an abandoned middle school locker room, and lather on that scent. Better yet—dab on some Drakkar Noir or even Lynx. Once we ladies get a whiff of that scent, we’ll be raving by your side ’til the next show.

By: Cat Zografos

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