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Steerner Talks Career, Sound & What’s Next


Steerner Talks Career, Sound & What’s Next

You can expect revolutionary things in the near future from Steerner, a 21 years old up and coming artist pumping out futuristic tunes from the music hub that is Stockholm, Sweden. Already having gleaned support from big names such as: Avicii, Tiësto and Ingresso, Steerner is progressively building up a network of loyal house fans, despite the obstacle of not yet being associated with a label or distribution. Already having shared the stage with the likes of Dada Life and Knife Party, this young talent is famous for having a broad and unique discography that is known to leave the audience in a state of euphoria.

Your debut EP titled Sun just came out, and it’s a wonderful demonstration of your talent and creativity. What sorts of reactions are you getting from your fans and the industry?

I think the EP shows off a style im very comfortable with and we hope we can find some great toplines to make the EP even more hype.
My collabs with fellow team member Martell have always been appreciated by the followers and we will work on alot more tunes in the future.


There’s a strong feel-good vibe throughout all your releases. Would you ever be interested in experimenting with a darker energy of sorts in your production?

Thank you for the compliment, it means alot to me that people refer to my music/sound as happy music because I’m a very happy guy with a great surrounding of friends, team members and family.
What you hear in my music is my day-to-day feelings in life.
At the moment I am trying to always evolve as a producer and person so who knows what production styles I will set my mind to in the future.


You’ve collaborated and shared the stage with many producers/DJs. Who was your favourite to work with, and why?

I love working with all of the producers cuz you learn something new from every producer.
But working with Paris Blohm was a dream come true.
He is insanely talented and taught me a few tips & tricks.
My MGMT also enjoyed working with such a proffesional and great MGMT so everything ran smoothly on the business side, simplifies the studio time when you know you only need to focus on making the tune as great as possible and have the “suits” handle things from there.


Tell us about your style, sound, and inspiration—because it’s unique, to say the least

I got sold on the typical swedish progressive style made by SHM, Avicii & Alesso.
I still love listening to the “old” tunes that set the way for todays progressive styles.
When it comes to my style I must admit I just produce my feelings, my ideal is to keep the energy up at all times and have something going on so that I’ll wont lose the interest of the listener.
Todays industry people get sick of tracks after 1-2 months and you always have to keep your sound fresh and energetic.


How long did it take you to find the cohesive sound you’re known for now? How did it evolve?

It was through the track ‘Friends’ that I realised that the public enjoyed happy synths and uplifting progressive sounds.
Seing the reactions to my releases back then made me realise I have a good base of producing technique that I could evolve into my own and not so Aviciish as it was when I started producing.


You aren’t tied to any label or strongly associated with any other acts, but is that something you’d like to eventually do?

My manager Leeth Reza and I are both control freaks and we like to be in full charge of our releases.
We knew pretty early that Free downloads can grow you a great fanbase and get you great streaming results if you know what you are doing.
Getting the support from many blogs and youtube channels convinced us we were on the right path.
Our idea was to create a strong fanbase and have the labels chase us for releases and remixes, turn the tables around so to say.
Its been turning out great so far. But we would love to work with the bigger labels on some of our coming releases, who knows what the future holds? 🙂
We have got to where we’re at almost all on our own and I think many of our followers are not only inspired and supporting cuz of the music but also by the story and the “impossible is nothing” mindset.


Do you have any mentors in this industry, or did you figure it out more or less on your own? How did you start out?

I started off downloading the software Fruity Loops and just watch tutorials of how to make ideas into sounds.
It was love at first sight, I stayed up many nights and days just polishing my skills and try to evolve as much as I possibly could in as short time as possible.
Yet today im evolving and love spending my time in the studio more than anywhere else on this planet haha.
I didnt have any mentor to start with but I had alot of Inspiration coming from the Swedes who had already showed us the swedish house music scene was here to stay, I wanted to be like them, but in my own way so to say.
I was also in a duo with fellow Swede Tjernberg.
Then I slowly got into the scene getting to know fellow up n comers and growing into a large team of young Swedish producers (Jake Liedo, CaPa, Filip Ilic, Tjernberg, Klahr, Thand & more) helping and advicing with eachother to help eachother grow as producers.
Today some of them still in the scene and we all share a special bound of friendship we got through our common interest – EDM.


It’s no secret that you’re supported by incredible producers like Galantis, Avicii, Sebastian Ingrosso, and more. Are there any newcomers that you strongly support?

He is no newcomer but I think this year and next mr. CaPa will blow up huge!
Watch out for this guy, he has stayed true to his sound since the beginning.


What do you have planned for the rest of 2015? What are you working on right now?

I have some cool collabs and a few vocal tunes coming out as solo projects, hope you will enjoy them.


Tell us about your dream career: where do you see yourself and your music in a few years from now?

Its no lie I love my fans and want to meet each and everyone of them so a world tour would help me do so.
I see myself living off my music and spending most of my time in studios, airports and hotels haha.
I want to be remembered as the guy who always said he would make it and then he finally made it.
Til then, one day at a time and stay patient waiting for your time to “blow” 🙂


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