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HBT Chats With Kae_$oul


HBT Chats With Kae_$oul

You are only 18 and you already come out with great tracks! Your latest track “loving you” is the perfect example of that, can you tell us more about how you got into rap/hip-hop?

Thank you, since I was a little boy I always loved music and had been playing instruments and going to school for music. when I was in the 8th is when I started to really listen to hip hop and started to get a feel for the music and would write little poems here and there but I was really shy with sharing it. During my sophomore year of highschool one of my friends who I looked at as an older brother taught me about rapping and helped shaped me into an artist for almost 3 years.

Your track “persona” is yet another great track and we can’t help but wonder how you manage to come up with such wonderful lyrics and vocals at such a young age. Care to share more about your creative processes?

Thank you, and personally, I just have always liked the lyrical / storytelling side of rap music. I mainly write based off of emotion or anything I’m feeling. most times in order for me to really write I isolate myself in a room and play a beat. I like to really to my time and make sure everything sounds good before I start recording.

Coming from Brooklyn do you have any favorite clubbing spots? Also, where do you go for inspiration?

I’m still a little too young to go out clubbing so sadly I do not, however, I get a lot of my inspiration from things I’ve dealt with in my life. However, I do like to make fun tracks here and there like “ Loving You” and “EVERYDAY” I feel something in my heart, no matter how hard it maybe to talk about I’ll always write it because I know someone else might able to relate to me or feel the same thing.

You are one of the few rappers that also produce their own music, What is your production processes like?

Surprisingly producing music came really easy to me since I had been playing instruments for almost 10 years. it was really easy to come into my own sound I just had needed to learn how to use the musical software correctly. When I make a beat I start out with the melody first and work my way up to the bassline and drums, unless I’m doing a ballad or something really slow.

How would you summarize 2017?

2017 has been a year full of ups and downs, but I’m just happy to have gotten through it, it has left me with some really great memories and some bad ones, but I only hope to keep on moving forward and work on self improvement.

Coming into 2018, do you have any upcoming projects we can get excited about? What are your goals for the new year?

I plan on releasing a few more tracks in the start of 2018, however, I do wanna release a full out mixtape and hopefully get it to do well enough that it reaches some big names in the music industry, I know it will take a lot of hard work and dedication but I’m willing to put myself through it.

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