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Catching Up With xaya


Catching Up With xaya

You have recently released your first remix on SoundCloud. The track sounds too good for a complete beginner to produce, care to share what first drew you into music production and how long you have been producing for?

Through curiosity really, wondering how music was produced and wanting to try it out for myself with my own ideas.

I started playing around on the software when I was 14, even back then I had a certain sound I wanted to create – I just didn’t know how to translate what was in my head into the software well. It took a few years to become comfortable with the engineering side of it.



Your remix of “Travis Scott” has a strong future bass vibe, Flume has pioneered this genre and it seems like you are taking the genre to a completely different direction. Can you tell us more about your creative process?

I start with an idea or a sound. I then obsess over the design of it until I’m happy with it. I then try to build a melody and structure which can be a very long process and then the drums around that. However, sometimes it may start with me finding a random drum beat or sample I like and then slowly building my own ideas around that into a full song.


In the spirit of the last question can you tell us more about some of your biggest inspirations from the world of electronic music?

I listen to music the whole time, from different genres and artists. However, I’d say my main inspirations have been Kavinsky, Flume, stwo and Kanye West. Those are my all-time favourites and I listen to their work the most.


Your sound design is very unique and you incorporate some very lively sounds into your productions, can you tell us more about how you sound design and if you have any favorite synths?

I spend hours a day on sound design. It takes way longer than actually making a song, sounds which haven’t been created before and are fresh – that’s the most important thing. I always experiment with new ideas, even if I know I’ll never make them into a song – it’s good practice.


You have recently released your first track on SoundCloud and its incredible! Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

I’m very excited about the remixes and an EP I’ve been working on. It’s a combination of all my favourite sounds and influences. It’s been a long process for the originals I’ve been working on, a lot of the content I made earlier in the year I’ve scrapped and replaced with newer, more ambitious tracks.


What do you have planned for 2018? What are your goals for the new year?

It sounds lame, but honestly to keep experimenting and progressing as an artist and releasing music consistently. Once I’ve released more music, I really want to be able to play it live at concerts and events. That’s the dream.


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