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SliP Interview

What first drew you into music production and future bass in particular?

– I began producing music about 4 years ago as I was going through a tough stage of my life. I was having a pretty rough first year of college and music was my escape. I have been listening to all types of genres my whole life and have always been inspired by musicians. Porter Robinson, Lana Del Rey, and A$AP Rocky to name a few. I figured why not try and make my own music and see where it goes. I love being creative and expressing my emotions. Music is simply the best way to do so. I originally started with writing lyrics and producing indie pop, but I quickly learned my voice and that style was not going to help me progress. I do not regret putting those songs out there as it helped me learn what works and what doesn’t. I then discovered EDM and the world of DJing. My first track was a remix of Zedd’s “The Middle” and it got great feedback. This encouraged me to keep going and produce more electronic songs. The reason I was so influenced by future bass in particular is because there are no limits. So many unique sounds, patterns, and BPM’s can be used throughout your creations as well as vocalists. Overall, music is my happy place and I am thankful to have found my passion.

Slip is a very unique producer name, how did you choose that name? Any special meaning behind it?

– The name SLiP actually comes from my full name, which seems boring. My name is Seth Lipowitz so I simply just combined the two. It does have a deeper history than just my producer name. It was my nickname growing up and all of my friends and even family call me that. To this day, it is rare someone who knows me well addresses me by “Seth.”  

Going over your soundcloud we can tell you love making future bass! Could you tell us more about why you started producing future bass in the first place and who or what inspired you to start?

– As explained before, future bass has no limits. This gives me the opportunity to create as much as possible and in any way I desire. I always start a track with some simple chord progressions that match the mood I am in. Once I lay down the foundation, I then start to sound design and organize the structure of my track. After attending multiple music festivals and seeing Porter Robinson live each time, I would say he has been the most influential artist of my music career. You can always sense the passion and emotion behind each track he creates. His music is real, true, and incredibly produced. Seeing him live is also what inspired me to become a DJ. I didn’t want to just create tracks and put them on the internet. I wanted to make tracks and play them in front of people so I can see face to face how those people react like the way I did to Porter’s music. I have been playing shows now for only 3 years but each time gives me such a big sensation of peace and hope.

Your latest track “dancing alone” with Ashley Kutcher is your best track in our opinion! From the amazing vocals to the incredibly powerful sound we absolutely love it. Could you tell us more about the story behind this track? Also what is your creative process like?

– I have been working with Ashley for a few months on many projects and we connected right from the start. Our first project, “Call Me Crazy,” was her first recorded track and one of my biggest hits. Since then we have become very close and feed off each other’s work ethic and talents. I now help produce tracks for her own profile, while she still features on mine. “Dancing Alone” is our most recent release, which I would agree is our best track so far. Our friends and family are loving the chill vibe and meaning behind the song. Ashley and I sat down one day and decided we wanted to write a song about having the right attitude to have fun at anytime no matter what. It is all about confidence and having the right attitude. I think many music lovers and festival goers can relate that music helps you find who you really are and helps you be that person.

What are your musical goals for the future?

– My musical goals for the future are to keep producing and get better each song. So far everything has been great since I started producing EDM and I plan to only progress from here. I would also like to continue playing shows and working with big artists. This past year I have had the pleasure to play shows with Borgeous, Tritonal, Martin Jensen, LZRD, and Inzo to name a few.

What are your goals 2019. Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

– My goals for 2019 are to get a track premiered on a big music label and play in a festival. I have a lot of upcoming projects that I can’t wait for you all to hear. Ashley and I have another song dropping in March and I am working on a brand new future bass track now that I think could be something special. There is nothing I want to do in life that doesn’t involve music and I hope my passion and creativity drives me to success.    

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