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Meet Voorhees

What first drew you into music production and D&B production in particular?

Well, I started practicing piano in elementary school and eventually moved on to playing guitar, drums and bass in various bands. Learning these instruments eventually led me to Electronic Dance Music (especially DnB) and I switched to making music with Ableton. The first time I listened to Drum & Bass changed the way I write music entirely and I haven’t looked back since.


Your latest track “signals&silence” is a very mellow D&B track and it has some very chill vibes to it, Care to share more about your creative processes?

The process behind writing Signals & Silence was quick, the layout of the entire song was done within a day. During that time I was craving very deep and calming ambient types of melodies constructed with a cinematic essence. However, the main melody is actually a few years old, I tapped that out on piano and it has stayed with me for years. 

In the spirit of the previous question, what is the story behind “signals & silence”?

Creating Signals & Silence developed from a very organic and personal space. After I returned home from a vacation with my family, I told myself I wanted to try and write something different… Signals & Silence was the outcome. I guess you could say it’s a sonic illustration of both my past and present.


All of your tracks are very “deep” and heartfelt, what inspires you to create such music and how did you develop your unique sound?

I usually work with ideas that I personally enjoy listening to instead of writing music to try and impress other producers or what I might think would “blow up”. Once I started making music for myself – everything changed. Working on songs became much more enjoyable and it helped me fall in love with the process all over again.

Going over your Soundcloud profile we saw you wrote the following line about yourself “Retired the hockey mask to make music” Are you a former hockey player? If so could you tell us more about your journey as a hockey player?

Haha! This made me smile. Voorhees is my last name and also the last name of the fictional character “Jason Voorhees” that wears a hockey mask in the horror movie Friday The 13th. Half of the time when someone sees my ID they ask if I know Jason Voorhees. It’s just a joke, I guess for people that haven’t seen the movie won’t understand the reference. 


You have released several great tracks in 2017, How would you summarize the past year?

Thank you! 2017 has been a non-stop grind of making music and working full time. I spent the majority of the year creating and figuring out (musically) what I’m trying to say. Looking back at it all, it was a mixed bag of emotions but I would do it all over again. 


2018 Has just started, what are your goals 2018? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

Releasing as much quality music as I can is my major goal for 2018. I have tons of projects and exciting announcements coming soon! Lots of original music and a couple collaborations with my producer friend Parallax. 2018 will be an exciting year! I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

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