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Join The Resistance With Ultra’s New Underground Lineup


Join The Resistance With Ultra’s New Underground Lineup


Ultra recently released the lineup for its newest event, the Ultra Resistance, and it’s starting to look like you’ll have another must-see to add to your (already filled) schedule for the three-day party.  While the announcement marks a big shift from the Ultra we know and love and came as a huge surprise to the festival’s many committed fans, we truly believe Resistance won’t disappoint. The reasoning behind the change, with Ultra moving away from its usual mix of traditional house and techno (mostly dominated by mainstream DJs) to more “underground” styles, was explained by representatives of Ultra in a recent Facebook post:

It’s the urge to go against the grain, to step out of the box, to move away from the norm and challenge yourself to experience something new– to break down boundaries and barriers and abandon your comfort zone– to be able to open your eyes and ears to an undiscovered realm of electronic music.”

And if that didn’t convince you, the decision to name the new event ‘Resistance,’ underlining Ultra’s desire to stray away from its traditional repertoire of ‘popular’ dance music, shows that Ultra is keen to throw one of the hippest parties of the year. As more fans continue to turn their attention to new sub-genres, Resistance seems to be a strategic move for the already legendary festival to retain its position. The show will be a great way to introduce lesser-known genres to a wide audience of Ultra attendees. While there has been criticism that the genre of music featured at Resistance, with its lack of drops and hooks, might not fare well in a festival environment, the eclectic lineup—featuring everything from deep house to trance—will surely impress. With artists as talented as Jamie jones, Marco Bailey, and Maceo Plex, we at HBT Magazine won’t have any hesitations about #JoiningTheResistance.

By: Laurence-Olivier Levy

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