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Exclusive Interview: Meet Zoree


Exclusive Interview: Meet Zoree

What first drew you into music production and EDM production in particular?

I was always into music. I’ve listened to a lot of Rock and Hip Hop music back in the days. But I’ve also listened to a lot of Hardstyle, Jumpstyle and Hands Up Music, so I was always into the whole EDM scene. In 2012, I’ve seen my biggest Idol Hardwell at the Tomorrowland Mainstage and I was like “I wanna do the same thing!”. So, I’ve searched some information about the whole DJing Scene. Soon I found the free version of VirtualDJ and this is how it all has started for me. In 2013 I’ve bought My DJ equipment and I’ve learned all the Beatmatching and DJing-techniques from Youtube Tutorials. But I wanted to do more. I wanted to play my own stuff, tracks, mash-ups etc. So I searched a good DAW that wasn’t too expensive but worth buying. I came across FL Studio and bought the Producer Edition. Also, with FL Studio and the whole production thing, I’ve learned everything from the Internet. I have never taken any classes and I have never learned an instrument. It’s all about my ears.


You are one of the best progressive house producers we have ever encountered on the internet! And your latest track nothing stopping us now is one of our all time favorites. Could you tell us more about how you achieved your signature sound?

Thanks! I am happy you like the track! I think that over the last couple of years, there were so many amazing Tracks, Edits, Remixes etc that inspired me to produce my style. I always try to be as unique as possible. It’s hard because there are so many great sounds out there but they are overused, so a lot of tracks sound the same. I think the key is to do something unique. Even if it’s hard to find a unique sound. It’s all about trying out new things and finding new sounds and of course, coming out with fresh ideas!


”Demons” is another great example of how capable you are as a producer! The mixing is on point and the melodies/ideas are out of this world! Could you tell us more about your studio setup and your creative process?

I do not have a “Studio” like the Big Artists. Since the beginning of 2012 I am still producing in my small bedroom. For the Mixing and Layering I use the KRK’s Rokit 5 and when My parents are sleeping, I always produce with My Sennheiser’s HD25ii. They are definitely the best pair of Headphones I have ever used! Sometimes the Melodies just poppin’ up in My Head. Sometimes I work on the Drop to start a new Idea. But I also start with the Intro, the break or the whole Drumset sometimes and work on the Drop after I am done with the breaks.


How is it like DJing in Switzerland? Do you DJ your own music?

In Switzerland, there are a lot of great parties. But in most clubs, they don’t play EDM anymore. There is more Latin Sound and Raggeaton, which is sad because, in Switzerland behind the whole club scene, there are a lot of fake people who are destroying the whole club scene. Of Course, I always play new ID’s and mashups of mine. Because beside Hardwell, Dannic is my second biggest Idol and I really like His kind of sound, I am mixing in His kind of style. With Live Mashups, and the Signature “FONK” kinda Tracks.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It would be a big dream coming true if I could make a living from music. Traveling around the World, living my dream and make people happy with my sound! I see myself still working on My Music, and be bigger as now! I always dreamed Big and Believed in My dreams. I think everything can be possible if You work hard enough and believe in Yourself!


What are your goals for 2018? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

Sure! There are a lot of Tracks coming out soon on some Major Labels! I can’t tell you the label’s now but be excited. Big things coming soon! I also hope that I can play in Ibiza or at a Pool Party this Year! This would be also a Big Dream coming True! Also a lot of Collaborations with National and International Artists coming out soon this Summer!


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