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What first drew you into music production and EDM in particular?

I have always been a creative person and love to make stuff. Usually, I would get inspired by something I saw and then try to recreate it or make my own interpretation of it. When I was younger it was drawing, then later it became making music. It happened to be one of the many things that I tried that stuck with me. I can’t play any instrument so electronic music was an obvious choice for me. The first song I can remember that really caught my attention for EDM was actually Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites back in 2010.


Going over your Soundcloud we can tell you love producing Future bass/Uplifting music, However, we have never heard future bass quite like you make it, could you tell us more about how you managed to achieve your sound?

I am inspired by pretty much anything that I listen to that I like. I think because I listen to such a wide variety of EDM genres, I kind of unconsciously blend all of those together in the production process. One example of that is my love for both Future bass and Drum & Bass. That is more of a conscious blend though as I tend to make a lot of Future bass/Drum & Bass hybrids.


Your latest track “down to earth” is very well mixed and mastered and would play very well in clubs and festivals, did you ever DJ your music at a club? Do you plan to play your music live?

I just recently started learning how to DJ and have only played live once in a smaller club so whenever I get better at it and more comfortable I would totally do it! Currently, I do not have any plans for it though since I am either studying or busy making more music most of the time.

Coming from Sweden do you draw inspiration from the beautiful Swedish country side and scenery?

The countryside and the nature is probably actually my biggest source of inspiration. It is when I am out in beautiful weather skiing or just out on a walk that I come up with most of my songs. Then I usually scramble to get my phone out and record a little melody by humming or whistling it before I forget it, which I can imagine probably looks pretty silly!


Listening to your music we can tell you are an experienced sound designer! What is your favorite synth and why?

I use a synth in FL Studio called Harmor which I really like for a couple of reasons. The reason I got it in the first place is because it is famous for its resynthesis tool and its wide variety of parameters and effects. After I’ve been using it for a while now I have learned to use it pretty well, so I can get the results I want pretty fast when designing a sound.


What are your goals for the new year? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

My goals for the new year is to work more with vocals and maybe learn how to write proper lyrics. I also want to work more with live instruments such as drums and acoustic guitars. I am constantly working on new projects so just keep your eyes and ears open and stay tuned!


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