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How did you guys first meet?

Quite a simple story. We met on the internet somewhere around 2013. We exchanged tracks and liked each others work. So we met and did some tracks together and recognized we got a connection and common vision. After that we decided to join forces as Rockdroid.

You are one of the best up and coming Duos we have encountered on the internet! And your latest track “Flow” is one of our all time favorites. How do you come up with your ideas? Also what is your creative processes like?

We try to be unique. It’s a lot about try and fail… someday it just connected. In studio we get together an idea really quick. This was also something we encountered in a lot of interviews and feedback sessions of big producers. They always said that. A quick idea is almost always better regarding the potential. If a track is taking too much time its almost never as good as something that gets together quick. You start to think about it too much if it takes too long. Sometimes its start with a vocal. Sometimes its starts with a sound and we build a drop around it. Its different all the time. So start with something catchy and build everything around it.

Flow” was supported by XCRPT on EDC! How does it feel getting such massive support from such a big name DJ/Producer?

In fact its not our first big support. But the first on a big event like EDC. How does it feel?
Like heaven. 😀   If you fight so passionate about it like we do its something like a reward for all the long studio nights and the blood and tears we shared because we could not get it working like we wanted.
But all the hard work had also the effect that we became really good friends. Dani is like a brother to me. That connection also helped us in our creative work. We know each other in and out.

Your signature sound reminds us of the sound of some of the greatest EDM artists in the world (Dyro, Chocolate Puma, Laidback luke)! How did you manage to achieve such a professional sound in such a short time? Can you tell us more about your musical background?

If you consider 6 years in working together as fast à OK :D.
The reality is just like in every other project. People first see you when something is happening. Not before. It never shows the hard work that happened before. This is also something to remind other young producers of. Never give up 😉
Also important to know is that Dani and me are making music since a very very long time. We started before we joined forces. Any time a producer or project gets up really fast – its suspicious in terms of ghost producing if there is no background. Of course there are exeptions like Avicii. We have been through it all and know that. Its simply very hard to get a good sound without teaching and guidance. At least this is our opinion.

Anyway thanks for the compliment. We really appreciate that somebody cares and takes notice.
In fact it’s also a lot about MADDOW. He helped us a lot with quality and mixdown/mastering teaching. We already had an okish sound before because we are absolute studio nerds. But Richard is King when it comes to mixdown and mastering. I have never encountered somebody in the studio who is at this state of quality – except Sonic Snares.

There are no big producers out there which did not connect and got help to improve. Especially the dutch guys for example are working together a lot. This also showed us that doing everything alone does not work. You need a team in which everybody does what he is good at. It’s a team success not an ego thing.

You have already signed with some of EDM’s biggest labels and have worked and got supported by some of the top djs in the world! What’s next for you? How do you proceed from here?

We are in talks with big labels. It takes time. So it is actually still an ongoing process which keeps things interesting in our opinion. We surely want to raise the supports and continue to evolve. The most important thing for us is to proceed in raise with our label. FST´N´FWRD Records (owned by international DJ/Producer Sonic Snares) is a fantastic partner cause they really care about the artist and creativity. Its like family. Something we missed with other labels in the past. Its important to raise your own channels and brand in 2019. So that’s what we are trying to build with them. Releasing music is simply not enough. We know that.

What are your goals for 2019? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

Releasing as much quality music as possible. Nowadays constant output is a must if you want to get through all the noise that is happening. We already got 3 new tracks finished and are in final talks with our label what to do next. Also we are doing concepts for our own label nights. Phil (Sonic Snares) is a fantastic guide when it comes to building something up and strategy. Step by step!

Thanks for sharing your time with us!

We thank you for your passion for our work and your interest 😉  its about the music after all…

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