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What first drew you into music production and Bass music in particular?

When I first discovered bass music, I was around 13 years old when my older cousin showed me Centipede by Knife Party when it was premiered by UKF in early 2012. At first, I didn’t understand what was happening and then all of a sudden, the entire track started rising, when it dropped I was consumed with it, honestly astonished for what my 13 year old brain could handle. It was a moment I will never forget because it defined my music taste in such a magnificent way and Created me to be the artist that I am today. Over the years of growing up, I started to really dive deep into Monstercat and became a real believer in this record label. The type of music these artists were crafting was just something I couldn’t comprehend yet but could still enjoy. At around 16 years old is when I started mingling with Producing and now at the age of 20 am I starting to really find confidence in my music.

Foxx” is a very unique producer name, how did you choose that name? Any special meaning behind it?

I feel that Foxx honestly is a really unique producer name and I cherish it alot, it’s been a part of me ever since I was born. I didn’t have a chance to chose this name because it was given to me at birth. My mother named me Fox and when I created this brand it just seemed so natural so I threw another x on the end, My Foxx emblem was something that came to me when I started looking for it, I was at Tomorrowland in 2017 and I was just beginning to envision my brand and was trying to think of a geometric fox head as my emblem, and oddly enough when I was walking to a stage a girl in front of me had what is now my current logo tattooed on her arm. I had to stop her and get a perfect picture of it and that’s how it came to be! When I feel that I am starting to reach my goals and achieve what I want to achieve that’s when I’m going to get it tattooed on me!

Going over your Soundcloud we can tell you love making lots of different genres! Which genre is your favorite to produce?

In terms of favorite genre to Produce mine is actually Basshouse, I previously produced Basshouse under a different alias and really enjoyed that genre, but currently I am hyper focused on creating trap at a more brutal tone, I will always carry bass house in my back pocket for when I want to produce a crowd pleaser but for now I’m really liking how heavy my sound is becoming.

Your latest track “Ferocity” is your best track in our opinion! Could you tell us more about the story behind this track? 

Thank you it means a lot to me, I always enjoy when people enjoy my work, it helps me ignite my fire sometimes. The backstory of ferocity comes from me wanting to make something full and have a complex sound in the track, in the early stages of the song while producing it, I didn’t feel that I was creating the best music I could make so I decided to push harder into a genre that I honestly didn’t have much experience in producing, but on multiple occasions I was getting some pretty sincere feedback from other friends and producers on wanting the track finished and released so they could download it and stream it, which in return shocked me and pushed me harder to make sure it was as heavy hitting as it deserved to be. what a lot of people don’t know about Ferocity, as well as Tenacity, is that I made both of them off of just 1 studio speaker (monitor), which in a standard studio usually consists of 2 or more.

When it comes to producing music what is your creative process like?

When it comes to being consistent and having a unique creative process in the studio. a lot of it comes from manifesting my next project and that usually happens when I’m listening to a track and just hear something that really kisses my ears, it can be anything from a drum pattern to a unique growl that just sends me over. I find producing music is like exercising a muscle, it’s easy to get worn out, frustrated or even discouraged, but it’s something you have to exercise constantly as well as take well deserved breaks to be able to achieve growth. once you find your rhythm, you start to become balanced in your art. I always find myself in an evolving mindset to create but I feel it’s healthy to take breaks because it strengthens your drive when it’s time to get back in the studio.

What are your musical goals for the future?

The goals I’ve set for myself in my mind are very realistic and possible with determination. A big philosophy of mine is “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand” and that speaks volumes to me. One of my greatest goals is to release under Monstercat someday and I feel like when the time is right and my brand is ready, it will fall into place. I have goals this summer to finish my EP and set up my release schedule over the next few months leading up to the release of my EP this winter. I also have a goal of allowing my brand to have such consistency and fruitfulness that it makes agencies mouth water and makes them want to sink their teeth into it. Being young in this industry but also having a lot of experience from a different alias before creating Foxx has allowed me to keep this brand as professional as possible, and with that blessing I know I can set myself up for my goals and strive for them. I think in a year or two from now I will look back on this interview and smile because I think I will exceed my expectations and create something bigger than I ever thought I could possibly do.

What are your goals for the summer? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

One of my biggest goals for the summer is to enjoy my stay here in the south of France, I feel that I am in one of the most beautiful places in the world right now and this type of joy and happiness is carrying over into my music production and I am loving it. My other goals consist of sound designing for my upcoming EP, I feel like there isn’t a better place for me to finish it other than here, another is to  land a promising performance in a nightclub where I can play my preferred style, and lastly I want to continue to push myself and my brands vision while at the same time finding that perfect balance of hard work and relaxation. There’s plenty to get excited about in the near future because Foxx is just getting started and is here to stay.

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