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Catching up with apze


Catching up with apze

You have started releasing tracks on your Soundcloud a year ago, however, your melodies and mixing techniques sound way more advanced than a producer that only produced for a year. Care to share more about what first drew you into music production and how long you have been producing for?

I started producing music 9 years ago, and I’ve released a lot of tracks over the years. However, when I reached a higher level of skill and experience, I chose to “start over” by taking down all of my releases from the past. My first track ‘Need’ from my new beginning was released the 5th of May, 2016. I began playing as a DJ that people could hire for their events & parties in 2011. I did this for 3 years, and it was because of that I got motivated to keep producing my own music.


Your latest track “magic” is a very “Deep” track with some very laid-back vibes, Care to share more about how this track came about?

‘Magic’ is indeed a very laid back deep vibe kind of track, and it’s actually some sort of a follow up to my previous tracks ‘Hope’ & ‘Karma’. This is a style that I myself think is very unique. I’d describe the genre as being a mixture of Deep House and Progressive Trance. I’ve always been very inspired by the more underground electronic genres such as Psychedelic Trance, and before ‘Karma’ got released as people know it today, it was actually rockin’ at 138 BPM, whereas now it’s only 125. I wanted to mix this very underground-ish genre with a more “commercial” so to say vibe so that it is easily listenable for everyone.

In the spirit of the last question, Care to share more about your creative processes?

I am heavily driven by my feelings and the mood I am in, and when I start a new project, I usually do the complete composition with just a simple piano sound, and I try to structure everything into all the sections that I have in mind for the specific track I am making. I try to tell myself that if an idea sounds interesting with just the most simple instrument playing on its own, it’s most likely gonna work out great when building the full track.


Going over your Soundcloud profile we can tell you are a very diverse producer which loves to produce different genres and experiment with different sounds, Can you tell us more about your creative processes and what inspires you to be so diverse?

As I stated before, I’ve previously been producing Trance, and even Dubstep as well. Over the years I’ve been in conflict with myself on where to go and what to “specialize” in. I’ve decided to be very open and to never limit myself in my creative process. I just want to make the music I feel like making, cause if I chose to stay within one genre only, I wouldn’t be true to my art. Also by having this mindset, I  hope that my sound is recognizable no matter what genre or style it is.

2017 has been a great year for you! How would you summarize 2017?

I am glad it seems so on the outside, but 2017 was actually a very rough year for me. I’ve had a writers’ block, dealt with too much administrative work, and changed my distributor. I only released 3 tracks in 2017. Although it seems like nothing, I was hard at work preparing for the future.


2018 has just started, What are your goals for the new year? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

I think 2018 is gonna be a very productive year for me. I’ve got 3 tracks already scheduled for release. I did set myself a goal to release 1 track every month during the whole year. I am very motivated to make 2018 great! Even if it turns out not to be possible to keep the goal that I’ve set, I have a good feeling about the outcome of my efforts this year.


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