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HBT Chats With Vovich


HBT Chats With Vovich

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hey HBT MAG and everybody! First of all, I want to say: Thanks for having me here! It’s a great honor for me to talk about my creative processes and goals. My real name is Vladimir Sukhanov, I was born on 14th of October 1995. My native town is Kherson, Ukraine. And finally, I was blessed to learn more about electronic dance music. Getting back to the previous theme: I am still looking for good management. And I am definitely ready to show my DJ skills out there! To be honest with you: My passion for electronic music started from doing some mashups with DJ decks. I am a music producer, but I am a DJ first!

For those of you who haven’t heard about Vovich, I would recommend listening to my work with Stu Tyson a.k.a Bass Kleph! It’s called «Slam Dancing» The story behind this collaboration is pretty funny. I was a big fan of Stu «Drum Machine» skills and productions. He was like a mentor to me. He is a professional and his productions are just masterpieces. So, I contacted him via Facebook and sent him some of my fresh tracks. He really liked it and gave me his personal email! We started chatting more on Gmail and skype! As it turned out, in youth Bass Kleph was a drummer at his own band! And what about me?! I was a big fan of AC/DC! As you know, these guys are from Australia. You can hear my inspiration in the breakdown of the track 😉 And this is how «Slam Dancing» was born 🙂 The idea behind the track was a love to rock music! That’s why I recommend listening to all kinds of music! Even if you don’t like it. It’s super helpful to analyze other genres if you want to become a very experienced DJ and producer.

Your track “Blackstar” is a unique Hip-hop track with unique “old west” vibes. This is the first time we have heard a producer merging these two together. Care to share more about your creative processes.

«Blackstar» is more personal. I always wanted to be a rapper and hip-hop was one of my main genres. The idea behind «Blackstar» was very simple, as I previously said: I am a huge fan of Hip-Hop! So, one year ago I was inspired by Ice Cube’s track “gangsta rap made me do it” it has those west coast vibes I love. I have 6 years of experience in producing EDM. I was 16 when I wrote my first track called Ibiza House Theme. The title of track speaks for itself! My love for Ibiza and House music was productive! In 2011 Ibiza was the most famous Island for parties! I think it’s still is! I mean now DJs have more interesting options in the USA. As you may know: dance music is something new for America, but 7 years ago people from over the world came to Ibiza to feel the vibe. This is why I named it – Ibiza House Theme. I think old school сlubbers know what I am talking about 😉 It was awesome to come on Ibiza to listen to old Tiesto vibes or Carl Cox Shaking sets. Too many legends for one place, but it was legendary! My dream is to make some noise in Ibiza one day! Sorry for talking so much about it, but it’s very important for me to share my feelings with newcomers and people who want to know more about the art of dance music. Ibiza House Theme was signed by Melody-Z Records in 2011. The owner of the label is Eugene Familtsev. He was from Omsk, Russia. He believed in me and released my first ever track! He showed me everything from Beatport to house bootlegs. I will never forget him. If not for him, things could go in a different way! He gave me not just a release, but faith! Faith is one of the most powerful feelings in this world! You must believe!

In the spirit of the last question what is the story behind “Blackstar” and how did you think of this incredible combination of genres?

As I previously mentioned: rap music was always my passion. Crime E.P as a fact is very good confirmation of that. You can listen to my first ever e.p on my Soundcloud page.

Your latest track “Arcanum” is another great example of your incredible creativity and production skills. We can tell that you are not a newcomer when it comes to production and wonder when you started producing music and what drew you into it in the first place?

Nobody listens to techno, but I did!

Thank you so much for kind words! As I said 6 years of experience were not in vain. I think, passion drew me into it! It’s another interesting and funny story to tell! Actually, I’ve never been a big fan of loud music, I hated it! I was a gaming nerd, I wanted nothing but play computer games. I was probably 12 years old or something like that. A long time ago, after a local Fifa 11 tournament, my friend gave me a CD of his favorite music. It was techno. Eminem used to say: Nobody listens to techno, but I did! Techno was super influential for me and I still remember that day, when my geek friend gave me that CD. If he wouldn’t have done that, nothing would go the right way!

You are a DJ as well as a producer, care to share more about your favorite places to DJ and where we can find you?

I am a DJ!

I’ve done many gigs in my town for 500-1000 people. My town citizens enjoyed it so much! Also, I have my own radio show called “Blow Your Speakers Podcast” I started it 4 years ago and it was released via “Pop Rox Muzik” EDM Nation. Pop Rox Muzik is an independent label based in New York City. They started their own radio hosting platform and I was suggested to release my show via their platform. I still do B.Y.S Podcast, you can find it on my mixcloud page. Speaking about International clubs, I’ve never played out of Ukraine.


How would you summarize 2017?

Something new!

2017 was really productive for me! I’ve released a lot of free downloads and I had many Skype conversations with some famous producers and managers. 2018 will be a very important year for me and I am ready to show you something new!


2017 has been a great year for you and we wonder what do you have in store for 2018? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

Everything can be possible with music!

Yeah! As I previously said: I am ready for an amazing year! I am going to release a lot of vocal tracks! I tell you more, in 2017 I started writing lyrics myself and I am eager to create voice stuff. The first track will be released on January 22! It will be future house track called: Love Sexy! This one is going to be released via Digital Empire Recordings! The whole idea of the track was created by Alla Sukhanova a.k.a «Sexy Girl» She is a very talented singer & songwriter from Ukraine. Also, I am going to release the new vocal track featuring Nathan Brumley. This guy collaborated on a lot of interesting projects and his vocal is just an awesome! I wrote lyrics myself and Nathan agreed to edit it a little bit and sing the song! The whole project is very personal to me, but I think it can become a turning point for my creativity and everything is gonna become even better than now. A lot of melodic tracks are coming in 2018! Oh well, my first ever mashup pack is coming! It’s called: Blow Your Speakers Vol. 1 by Vovich & Naartjie. I’ve been working more than a year on it! Too many tracks were smashed, DJs know what I mean 😉 This pack is a big collaboration between me and my best friend Reid Emery «Naartjie» This Australian youngster is a very talented producer! He is leaving for an army and we wanted to collaborate at last! Don’t get me wrong, but he is not going to produce anymore! But maybe one day we will collaborate one more time because everything can be possible with music! At the end of the day, I want to say: If you have got any questions, promos or business inquiries! Feel free to contact me via email djvovich[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you HBT MAG for the opportunity to talk! I want to wish all the best to your team and all of your subscribers!

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