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HBT Chats With Jaythesaiyan


HBT Chats With Jaythesaiyan

What drew you to music production?

What drew me to producing music? Well, when my father died I was told that he wanted to be a music artist of some sort (I can’t remember) and my brother (taiden) and I decided to chase that. Also, my family has a lot of musical talent, my mom does the saxophone, my grandma sung in the choir and played the piano so did my great grandma, my uncle played sax as well, my dad was a bass drummer in a marching band for both high school and college. Like when I see someone like metro bommin or tm88 have a hit song with people like lil uzi, Future or someone like that it makes me want to do that as well. Plus I’m not gonna lie its super fun to make a heat track that you know uzi or trippe redd can kill, to be honest.


Tell us about your workflow when you’re building a beat. What part do you start with?

Well, when I make a beat I sally start with a melody of some sort like a midi, a sample, or just messing around on Omnishpere. Then I go with claps or snares to help keep tempo. Then kicks and 808s to give the song bass.

Why did you call yourself “Jaythesaiyan” does it have any special meaning (Dragon ball Z :D)?

Why do I call myself “Jaythesaiyan” lmao I’m glad you asked. well (as anyone could figure out if they aren’t living under a rock) I love DBZ it’s my favorite anime. And the Jay part was just a character I made one day and it has been like that way ever since (yeah my real name isn’t Jay but I’m not gonna tell ya lol) fun fact Jay used to be spelled “Jae”


In the spirit of the previous question, what’s your favourite Dragon Ball Z character and why?

Who is my favorite dbz character? Uh, I guess Goku because he is op af, idk that’s a hard question their are many good characters in dbz.


If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? Why?

If I could collab with anyone artist wise I’d say uzi vert because my beats are sorta his style, but producer wise metro bommin’ or maaly raw their beats are heat.


What do you have planned for 2018?

What do I have planned for 2018? Um, I’m gonna drop the outsider alien season II (Jan 5th) and make more beats, collab with more producers, start making money off of beats, stuff like that.


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