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Discover Danny Ray


Discover Danny Ray

Meet Danny Ray, a rising  DJ and producer from San Diego!

Where are you from?

Sunny San Diego, CA! Born and raised 😀


What genres of EDM do you typically produce?

Honestly, I don’t have a typical style, I am all over the place, which is awesome! I have no boundaries it normally goes by how I am feeling that day. It’s either really dark, big room stuff or the happier, more melodic type of progressive tracks.


What differentiates your style from other DJs?

I would say technique. I was very fortunate to have grown up and learned to DJ on actual turntables. At the time Bad Boy Bill was one of the top American DJs and I looked up to him a lot. What made his sets so unique was his scratching and turntablism during his sets, which led me to learn it as well. Also, edits and mashups were not a big thing during that time so I actually learned how to DJ on 3-4 CDJ’s, a very rare sighting nowadays! I feel the newer generation of DJs have just gotten lazier and lazier.


How long have you been producing for?

It has been a very long journey! I want to say somewhere around 10 years or so. It has been amazing to see how much my technique has developed throughout the years too. From time to time I also go back and listen to my first few productions and I blow myself away every single time ha ha.


Where can people see you perform?

Management are currently working on a few things for the year, stay tuned for this one! It will be very interesting when announced 😀


What are your plans for 2015?

I want to release as much as possible. There is nothing on my agenda but work, work and more work!


Any notable experiences?

Outside of the leaving the venue completely wasted at sunrise right before flight departure, swimming in tequila, lingerie flying all over the place, headphones or USB sticks getting left behind? No, not that I can think of ha ha.



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