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Catching Up With Winning Team


Catching Up With Winning Team

You are one of the few artists to come up with a lot of tracks without compromising on quality, how do you manage to produce so much quality content? Also, what is your creative processes like?

We are very strict when it comes to sound and production and we push ourselves extra to reach the quality we feel the fans deserve. Cutting corners only hurts in the long run and quantity is never more important than quality. That said, it definitely helps timewise that there are four of us, as we can divide and work on several songs simultaneously.

We usually start off with a chord progression with a topline, and outlines of a drop to get a feel for the track as a whole. One of us usually brings a demo to the table, and we work it further together and it starts to find it’s form. We like to think music before production, if a song sounds good played on piano or guitar alone it’s already a good idea – Find that idea, stick to it and produce the track from there.


All of your tracks are great and we know its hard to judge your own music but if you had to pick one favorite track which track would that be and why?

As a group, it’s impossible to pick a single track out of the bunch. We tend to favor our latest releases or the upcoming tracks as they best represent the sound we do at the moment and we feel like our songs are getting better by each new release.

How is it like working together?

We have found a way to work and communicate as a group so that we can easily bounce ideas off each other. Being four members is one of our best assets as we don’t need to rely on outside feedback in our process.

Our live shows are also more dynamic with the four of us as we know our roles on either the decks or on the mic, and we feed off each other’s energy during our set.


Your latest EP “young again” features some great meaningful tracks and some awesome artwork, How did the EP come about?

We had thought about dropping an EP for a while and we were working on those tracks intensely in a short period of time so it was only logical for us to release the songs as an EP instead of separate releases. The songs on the EP also has a lot of special value for us because of certain life events that were happening during the making of those songs.

Max does all of our artwork himself and he did a fantastic job for this release as well!

You have released plenty of tracks and even an EP in 2017! How would you summarize 2017?

2017 was a good year and a big step forward for us, polishing our sound and style, and growing as a group. We have been happy with our progression each year and last year was no exception. Plenty of good tracks, growth, and support from other dj’s.


What are your goals for the future? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

We have big releases coming up in 2018 on well established international labels and we can’t wait to drop more new music for everyone out there! Stay tuned and follow our journey to bigger things!


Make sure to check out Winning Team’s latest track Lullaby!

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