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Witten’s Own: Discover Aachtone


Witten’s Own: Discover Aachtone

Just like the German city, Witten, where this artist hails from, the name Aachtone may not really ring a bell, but all of us here at HBT Mag promise that soon, you won’t be getting enough of him!

This blooming star’s interest in the dance music industry came about when he was 15 or 16, putting together grime beats and garage tracks, but has since evolved into an electro/progressive house sound. Just like many other artists in the scene, Aachtone found his love for dance music through his interest in plug-ins and software, constantly playing around on his laptop and finding new musical trends. His teenage obsession with punk and hardcore bands soon took a curve when he discovered his undying love for the biggest music genre in the business today. Since then, Aachtone has been nothing but motivated and dedicated in creating tracks that please his growing fan base.

Getting his start in the industry hasn’t been easy, but that never stopped him. Rather than the typical DJ-to-producer transition most artists go through, Aachtone has differentiated himself by kicking off his career as a producer first and foremost, and learning to DJ afterwards. During his sets, he plays a curated selection of mash-ups and edits, so that the club experience isn’t just a louder version of what you’d get at home on your iPod. Given HBT’s love for new, innovative edits on popular songs, this is an aspect of Aachtone’s style we can’t help but deeply admire. Now that he’s graduated from university, Aachtone is ready to commit 100% of his time to showing off his unique musical abilities.

His time is just beginning but he’s already had great experiences working with other up and comers in the dance music industry. According to him, though, his favourite and most memorable experience to date was during Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One Last Tour’ in Frankfurt, when the curtains dropped and he realized that this was what he wanted to do: making the music he loves and sharing it with the world.

2015 screams Aachtone and HBT Mag is stoked to see what he has in store for us. Although he hopes to concentrate on finishing off some tracks first, he’s hoping that the 2nd half of this year will be an opportunity for lots of gigs. Our fingers are crossed! Until then, we hope he continues to meet new artists, continues to put out quality music, and stays positive. That, paired with the unwavering support of his fans, makes for a pretty promising trajectory. Check out our selections from his SoundCloud, and make sure to link up with Aachtone on his social media!

By: Naomi Schanen

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1 Comment

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