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Catching Up With Nick Barnz


Catching Up With Nick Barnz

Your track now ya know is a fusion of Hip-hop & Soul/R&B and we think it’s your best track to date! Care to share more about the story behind this track?

Yes, it’s one of my favorites. I wrote the song to update everyone, letting them know even though I’m not around and doing the things I used to, I’m still the same. I’m Just a lot more focused on my music and doing what it takes to get to the level I’m trying to reach.


All of your tracks sound very professional and put together, how did you manage to achieve such a professional sound in such a short time?

Thanks! But to be honest it really wasn’t a short time. I put many hours in the studio before it got to the point where I was happy enough with my sound to start releasing quality work. Besides, I really didn’t have any yes men in my circle. So it was either get it right or quit.


You have recently released a music video for your awesome track “Support”! How did you produce such a quality video to go along with your track? Do you have any videos coming up?

Yes, that’s actually my first video… it was really exciting! I have to give my Cameraman Gambo the credit for that. He did a really good job.


As we have mentioned before all of your tracks are produced to perfection! Do you produce your own beats?

No, I don’t, I spend days searching the web for beats and my producer, Alex, and I just work well together to make it sound the way it does.


Listening to the pitch of your voice we can tell you are very well trained, Could you tell us more about what it took you to develop your voice to where it is now?

Like I said just countless hours in the studio, having some thorough people around me who just don’t tell me what I want to hear and just being open minded to advice. A lot of credit goes to my producer, Alex Lipshaw. He’s very patient with me. It took a lot of work before we got to this point and still improving.


What are your goals for the new year? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

A) My goal this year is to keep progressing, to reach the Highest level I can as an artist.

B) Absolutely I’m currently working on the “Now Ya Know” video. I also have a lot of songs ready to go, with video ideas behind some of them. So yes, I’m planning on really bringing out a lot this year. I have faith that it’ll get some attention and more people will notice the level of work I’m bringing to the table.


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