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Discover BROOXCiV

What first drew you into music?

Well I’ve been privileged enough to be born into a family that’s full of musicians or just plain talented so being drawn to great music is something that seems inevitable thanks to heritage or DNA or whatever[laughs]

I remember sometimes being on the way to and from school and who ever was picking me up usually had a good selection of music already bumpin’ so I would just vibe out to that without even knowing the name of any songs. But majority of those songs I eventually found through my excessive, mad man like research[laughs]. It ranged from all types of music like R&B, Classic or Alternative Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Funk literally everything man. Ah the good ol’ days[scoffs]

Listening to your music we can tell you love incorporating interesting new sounds and techniques within each track! What inspires you to experiment and evolve?

Life in general is inspiring enough to experiment because of the unique experiences you have as an individual and naturally down the line evolution will follow. None of my favorite artists of yesterday or today stayed with one formula. They all grew as people and naturally their sound followed.

It seems like you already found your signature sound 😊 Do you have any tips for upcoming musicians that can’t seem to find their own sound?

Man I ain’t no where near my signature sound. Does music have a defined general sound? I think any artist coming up knows a true artist is one who is constantly experimenting.

Your track “Red Dead Redemption” is your best track in our opinion! From its artwork to the Incredibly powerful sound we absolutely love it. Could you tell us more about the story behind this track? Also, what is your creative process like?

Well the story has a couple of different angles:

On the deep end, angle one, being at the end of my EP: Introspection[produced by IGGYWOP] I kill my introspective character by suicide. In RED DEAD REDEMPTION, BROOXCiV is born and is the rebirth of the negative energy that drove the suicide. BROOXCiV is out to get redemption on the world that killed him.

The other angle is from an outsiders perspective. The track tells a story(maybe in a not so distant future considering current circumstances) of a apocalyptic outbreak of the living dead. Before YOU(person reading this) listen to the track, the first question I want you to ask yourself is: Your homie just got turned into the walking dead and is coming to eat your f***** brains out, WHAT YOU ‘BOUT TO DO? The first words you hear me say in the beginning, with abit of hesitation is: “SHOOT EM IN THE DOME YOU DONT KNOW HIM ANYMO”[laughs]

I like to narrate from different perspectives is all.[Kanye shrug]

What are your musical goals for the future?

Continue lifes journey and simply tap into my true potential of being the greatest artist I can be and remain authentic while producing great content.

What do you have planned for the coming months? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

YES! On March 30th I’ll be releasing a EP. It has 3 tracks. I did a cover of “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem and “Life” produced by J Dilla. The original track on the EP is called “A Message To Depression” which is the optimistic side of BROOXCiV which ties into the very pessimistic vibe on “Life”. The EP is called For Balance Sake. 

Shortly after that I’ll be releasing the follow up to Introspection.

Be sure to follow me on socials to stay locked in with me and know when I release new whatever

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