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You have started producing at the young age of 14, Care to share more about what first drew you into music?

I think every music involved person has its own interesting stories about how they got into music.

For me, I went to summer camp when I was 12 and local DJ came to play DJ set for kids. When I saw the CDJ’s it was something else for me, when he started playing club tunes I was just shocked there are no other words, it was my first time listening EDM. When I got back from camp I started exploring EDM and found Swedish House Mafia, their music was something huge for me, I was listening to their music non-stop. Next year I contacted one of our local DJ’s and he probably saw something in me, so he decided to bring me to a club and showing me DJ techniques on CDJ 2000, right after that, I got into producing also with help of local producer, since that I live with music.

You produce many genres ranging from progressive house all the way to tropical house, Do you have a favorite genres to produce?

I always try to touch every genres, sounds, because I love learning new stuff, because I want to be a full experienced professional producer who can produce, arrange different style, different techniques so I can come with something new to impress the audience with every single release. Speaking about about favorite genre it’s really hard to choose just one, but I love melodic stuff, so I’m in making mix of something like melodic progressive house with future house.


Your latest track “Over you” is a tropical house with unique deep house vibes,  What is the story behind this track? How did it come together?

I will never forget about how this song happened and I would love to share with story behind this song. As I’m music production student, I was taking portfolio class where every student should make track, write the lyrics and find singer. When I finished first of this class, hurricane Irma happened and I evacuated from Florida for 10 days, when I came back my teacher said that I have 2 days to finish the track and lyrics so  can get in huge studio where all the superstars record their songs luckily I remembered that beautiful singer Tali Burton followed me on Instagram couple months ago before that and in the bio she put the same college name where I study, but I texted her on Instagram it appears she just came to college as new student and didn’t even start her classes, so she was so interested to collaborate with me . I worked non-stop for 2 days #teamnosleep with idea to keep simple melodic verses and put some live instrument sound and I came up with flute sound which sound amazing by my opinion. , and I sent her the music, she got the concept, she is actually really good songwriter. We finished the lyrics in half hour right before studio time, but it still was not full, but I passed class successful and I fell in love with this song and I decided to release it worldwide, so we finished it and there is the result.

In the spirit of the last question, Care to share more about your creative process?

Speaking about my creative process, I always start with drop. I love playing around with new melodies I’m better in making melodies in Piano roll in logic, but I can play piano as a basic player, so I still use midi keyboard when I produce..

Now I’m working on my sound designing skills to take my sound to the next level.


How would you summarize 2017?

2017 was not easy to handle college classes with making music to make my career, but it was pretty good start, I released good song, I signed contract with booking agency, got attention of many big artists like Matisse and Sadko, Nicola Fasano, Dj Amely, Helena Legend. Most important I’m getting positive feedbacks from big labels like Armada, Musical Freedom, Hexagon and etc, so soon enough I will have good news.


2018 has just started, what are you goals for the new year, any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

In 2018 so many more music will be released, so many collaborations with so talented from not known but amazing artist to huge artist. I’m working with a young talented producer from back home, amazing singers.

Big announcements with major labels will come up

I think I will definitely go on tour through USA.


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