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Meet Ankhor

What first drew you into Bass music production?

I love and listen to many musical genres, bass music allows me to use them all, even together. The thing that attracted me the most is the first time, it allows me to mix elements of various genres, bass music has no fixed production rules, so I can completely leave myself to creativity.


Your latest track “Turn Off” is one of the most well produced tracks we have heard in 2018! Could you tell us more about the story behind this track and how it came together?

Thank you! We started this collab about last summer, working constantly, practically every day, on every little detail. We started from the development of my demo, from there we divided the different tasks to produce it.

Coming from Italy do you have any favorite clubbing spots, also do you get inspired by the beautiful nature and rich Italian culture?

There are several clubs that I like, but I think mostly about European or American clubs. I also like festivals a lot. Italian culture is really important for every Italian, obviously all this helps my creativity!


You have released a remix in the past year and it’s incredible! Do you plan to keep releasing more remixes? Also, how do you know if a song is a good candidate for remixing?

Thanks for the feed! My Say Less remix went very well, it’s really powerful! Of course, I have other remixes ready to release, some old hit trap remixed in bass house version! In the future, I’d really like to remix Ven from Dillon Francis, some hip-hop songs or remix some hits it 80!

2017 has just passed, how would you summarize 2017? Did it turn out the way you expected it to?

2017 has been a very important year! I had a lot of important feedback and support that made me realize I’m doing a good job


2018 has just began, what are your goals for the new year? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

My only goal and improve the quality of my productions! The rest will come by itself! 2018 will be a very intense year! There will be many interesting innovations including releases in international labels that I can not wait to listen to!


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