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Exclusive Interview: Meet Ali Gatie


Exclusive Interview: Meet Ali Gatie

What first drew you into Hip-hop/R&B

I wouldn’t say I was drawn into Hiphop/R&B, I was just drawn to music at a young age. I listen to everything, I apperciate all genres and I try to draw from all of them. I think as my career progresses you will see me experiment with multiple genres; and fuse them into my own sound.


Your latest track is one of the best Rap/R&B fusions we have ever heard! Care to share more about your creative processes?

My key in writing music is just letting the song come to me, this song; I remember a girl hit me up saying “you forgot about me” and so I replied “you only remember me when I forget about you”, and I thought it was a powerful statement so I put it into my notes. That night Shumxi and Phantum were making the beat and the line hit me so I wrote the song while they finished the beat and then we recorded it. Once I have that idea to start with the song is usually done.

Going over your Soundcloud profile we can tell you love working with Phantum, care to share more about your collaborative processes?

Recently I’ve been clocking in a lot of hours with Phantum, I also work a lot with Shumxi they actually knew each other from before and Shumxi introduced me. I am always down to work with other people whether its artists or producers; I think the more minds behind a song the better it will be. Recently me and AR Paisley have been working together a lot, we bounce ideas off each other and it helps with the whole creative process.

You have only started putting up music 2 years ago and already achieved a sound similar to that of the greatest rappers of our time. Could you tell us more about who inspires you and some of your favorite rappers?

My favourite artist is JCole, I just think he has the perfect combination of making meaningful music that also just sounds so good and that’s what I wanna do. I also really like Post Malone and Bazzi right now. Theirs also this girl named Alyana, she’s not that popping I’m in love with her voice; the way she conveys emotion through her voice made me want to learn to do the same. But the only artist that really inspires me is JCOLE , everyone else I’m just a fan.
Haha 5 years is a long time; I try not to think so far. I just want to be happy and healthy. Thats what I try to focus on. I have dreams of being writer I plan on writing books and making movies down the line, I don’t know if that will be in 5 years who knows.


What are your goals for 2018? Any projects we can get excited about?

2018 is the year I’m trying to really level up. I wanna do my first couple of shows for sure and just really build my fanbase brick by brick. I’ve recently been thinking that I want to make a heartbreak R&B project and just put like 5-6 songs that will make you cry on there. So if I go through with that get your tissues ready, if not 2018 I will release a project forsure maybe before my debut show.


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