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Meet Gabriel James


Meet Gabriel James

What first drew you to music and indie/folk in particular? 

I am a HUGE fan of Ed Sheeran, and it has always been a huge dream of mine to go up on stage with a guitar and sing for millions of people. I have always loved the process of writing songs that have meaning and are able to touch others.  I love to sing and write acoustic music, with just a guitar, but I love the way that electronic/EDM music makes me feel, so I like to try and incorporate a mixture of each into my music.   


Your latest track “right now” features some very heartfelt lyrics and is very well produced, Care to share more about the story behind this track? 

My new friend Griffin Gardiner, who I had never met or played music with before, came over to my studio and we wrote the basis of the song in around 3 hours or so. The story behind the song is based on another friend of mine’s long distance relationship with his girlfriend that seemed to be coming to an end, though he had no desire for it too. 

Your 2 latest tracks are collabs and they are both amazing! How is it like working with another artist vs working on your own?

I really love to work with other people, it helps to bring new original ideas to mind, and push myself to move forward. I am always open to comments and suggestions from other people I work with because I am always looking to improve. I do like to work alone when writing songs personal to me, just to help keep my mind clear and focus on what I’m feeling.    

Going over your Soundcloud we noticed you only started putting out music 3 months ago, However, your music sounds very professional! Can you tell us more about when you first started creating music?

I first started creating music just last summer and things have been working out well!  I work extremely hard on what I do and spend hours and hours perfecting my sound. But I love every second of it!  My first written song that got released last summer is called Possibilities, which I wrote with “Outerskies”, a great friend of mind in California. From that first release, I knew that music was what I wanted to pursue in my life after the song “Possibilities” hit over 60k listens on Soundcloud.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I would hope to become much more known as an artist, performing in live shows, and really getting myself out there.  I want my music to touch more and more people all over the world and bring others together.  I hope to be working with more incredible artists just as I am now, that can help me grow and better my music creation.

What are your goals for the new year? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

For the new year, I plan on releasing a ton of new music over this coming summer and working with a few different artists that I haven’t worked with yet!  I hope to perform as much as I can this summer in California with other upcoming artists like Outerskies, so hmu ill be buscering at Hermosa Beach pier pretty frequently.  I have MANY upcoming projects that you can be excited about, though they all will need lots of time and work before release.  


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