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A Limitless Talent: Discover Anevo


A Limitless Talent: Discover Anevo

Fredrik Sundberg, better known by his name Anevo, is unquestionably one of Sweden’s most promising up and coming artists of 2015. Hailing from a small town in Sweden called Sandviken, this multitalented sensation was once again tracked down by HBT’s resident Swede, Samet Özcelik, and we’re more than delighted to introduce you all to the one and only Anevo.

In early 2014, Anevo’s career really took off when groove maestro Kryder discovered him through his astonishing production called Walter White, and went on to release his own edit of the track. Fast-forward to spring of that year: suddenly Anevo’s being streamed all over the web, and he’s landed himself a well-deserved spot performing at Insanity Festival in Jönköping, Sweden, listed on the same lineup as house legend Steve Angello.

Music’s always been a part of Anevo’s life, but his journey really started back at age 4 when he learnt how to play the piano. He went on to master the guitar as well, and after a while he eventually discovered the world of electronic music. He immediately fell in love with the craft and started producing in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2012 that he felt he seriously got a handle on his style.

It would honestly be a shame to have to categorize Anevo. He doesn’t fully fit into any of the established dance music genres, and we’re actually pretty happy about that. He’s defined only by his desire to produce diverse music, so he dabbles in all the sounds and techniques available to him. That’s what differentiates him from other DJs/producers, and that’s how he made it into our Discover section.

When Anevo started out in 2009, he was mainly producing melodic progressive house, but slowly shifted to harder progressive house productions like Walter White, Koopa, and The Walkers. He’s recently taken his style a step further, and has started exploring deep and groovy musical elements as well as melodic downtempo productions as demonstrated in the deep house song Burning For You, the chill-wave tune Endless Summer, or The Groove (an HBT favourite).

He’ll spend one day producing hard progressive house, indie dance the next, and groovy house the day after that. That’s what versatility looks like, my friends. Anevo is the true embodiment of pure, unadulterated talent. He can’t be defined by genres, or even by trends,  and his mysterious ability to stay creative while becoming successful is no small accomplishment.

2015’s looking bright for the talented Swede, and we’re super excited to see what he has in store. HBT stalked him throughout his 1.5 year studio lockdown, during which time he worked his ass off producing the finest music that we just can’t wait to hear. In April, he’ll be performing at the Spring Break festival in Sweden where he’ll be showcasing his brand-new material. For our Swedish readers, we’re already expecting you to stop by, and for other international readers, he’s really worth the trip. Expect the unexpected with Anevo, and you do not want to miss out on his blossoming career this year. You really don’t. Check out our selections from his SoundCloud, and make sure to keep up to date on all the latest news from Anevo on his social media, linked below!

By: Samet Özcelik

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