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Concept Meets Medium: Rebels Studios


Concept Meets Medium: Rebels Studios

Rebels Studios is a well-established and deeply respected independent creative agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. Most of you have probably already discovered Rebels through Steve Angello’s numerous collaborations with the company by way of his label Size Records. After over 2 years of virtual anonymity—with their website solely consisting of their logo as a placeholder—they recently revamped their site to showcase several of their most recent projects. They’re the ones behind the sick artworks and videos you see accompanying various Size tracks. Rebels Studios specializes in everything from Cinematography and Motion Graphics to Architectural Visualization and Virtual Reality.

In 2014, Rebels assisted in Size’s rebranding by delivering some of the most creative and beautiful artwork we’ve seen in the history of dance music. The artworks are showcased together with the tracks in the music videos, and the moving paint is synchronized with the variations in the beat, all in all creating an entirely new perspective on the song through a more visual medium.

Their über-talented and creative team is also responsible for all the visual content and artwork for Angello’s upcoming album: Wild Youth (due to be released in April 2015). The Wild Youth artwork is a brass knuckle made of porcelain, and was hand-painted in the southern part of Sweden. The juxtaposition of a fragile medium and a strong symbol makes for an altogether powerful message and sets a hefty bar for the album’s release. The items represented in the various artworks for the album, namely the knuckle, the sickle, and the shuriken, are thought to be references to Angello’s childhood in Solna, Sweden, an area heavily marked by violence and crime. As a little teaser, they also worked with Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift) technology in conjunction with the album, which means not only will the listener be able to experience the music, but they’ll genuinely be able to see exactly what Steve envisioned while creating the album.

After waltzing into 2015 with such marked ease, there’s no doubt that these guys will continue to gift us all with high-calibre creative content. Their emphasis on pushing boundaries and exploring the limits of creative expression has not gone without notice, and they seem to be having a great time doing what they love.

By: Samet Özcelik

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