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Interview With Swedish Duo Wayne & Woods


Interview With Swedish Duo Wayne & Woods

You’re both from Sweden, a country famous for its contributions to the EDM world—where do you like to go out when you’re back home?

When we’re back in Sweden, seeing family and hang out with friends is perfect. For going out, Stureplan in Stockholm is great. It has a lot of clubs, bars, and restaurants. But pretty much every city in Sweden has some great spots to hang out in.

Wayne & Woods is relatively recent to the international music in dustry, but you gained access to some great mentors through signing with Size Records. What have you learned from your interactions with long-established artists?

That you really need to work hard to get somewhere in this business. Stay humble and hungry! Good things happen to those who work hard. We definitely had some great chances to learn from some top music makers.

Fast-forward ten years—now you’re the mentors. What advice do you give to the aspiring DJs?

Work hard and never stop. Nothing comes easy. Also, it’s very important to enjoy the here and now instead of dreaming about tomorrow.

Your group came to the world’s attention rather quickly with the release of Favela and Jumangee—how was the adaptation period?

Well, I think it’s still hard to get used to it. We really appreciate the feedback and amazing response we got for all our tracks, but I don’t think you ever understand what’s really happening since you’re constantly working to get better. There were a few “wow” moments, but mainly it’s about keeping a cool head and working hard.

Everyone’s been eagerly awaiting Revolt. What sets it apart as your latest track?

It’s something different, a bit aggressive but in some way melodic. We loved making it together with Chris. It’s getting released now but it’s really different from what we have released in the past.

2015 is finally here and you surely have a lot in mind—anything exciting set for this year? (We secretly hope it includes another collaboration with Henrix).

Yeah, we have really interesting and exciting stuff for you next year. There are some crazy collabs lined up, so stay tuned!

Interviewers: Alex Levy & Taylor Rozenblat

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