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The Hendrixxx Interview


The Hendrixxx Interview

What first drew you into music and rap/hip-hop in particular?

Well what first drew me into music and rap/hip hop was me watching Jay-Z, G-Unit, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Future perform and even their music videos. As a young kid I remember my friends always asking if I heard the newest songs from these big time rappers, which lead us to start our own group called the YGz. At the age of 16 we would go to Boston to record songs, which was kind of hard because it was about 10 of us trying to get on a song. I grew up in a rough environment, which plays a major part of my music. I was very quiet and shy, so music was a outlet for me to express myself. I used what was going on in my environment as

inspiration, which is why my music is very loud, energetic, and passionate.

Your track “Level up” is very modern and the lyrics are amazing! How did you achieve such a great signature sound in such a short time? Also what is your creative process like?

Thank you so much. I wrote the song myself, which took me about 30 mins to write and 10 mins to record. I mixed and mastered the track and had it produced by ZachOnTheTrack(whom I found on YouTube.) Level Up was everything I was going through at the time. I was leaving a lot of bad situations and going to different levels with all the opportunities I had in front of me. My sound was developed by me recording myself in my friends car on my phone. I recorded 100 plus songs at that time but just being a student of music and study the sounds of today and the old school sound. I have a unique creative process because I get inspired off a lot of things. I go through a lot of beats that producers send me and for the most part, it comes to me naturally. I freestyle for hours to figure out what flow I go with or melody to go with because I always try to give my listeners something fresh. It’s almost like putting a puzzle together to me which I really feed off and that makes me feel good.

You have worked with many great producers/artists in the past, If you could work with anyone who would that be?

Yeah I worked with a select few but if I can work with anyone as far as producers it would be Timberland, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Mike Will Made It, The Alchemist, Metro Boomin, and South Side Mafia 808. As for artists, Sway Lee, Drake, Future, Rick Ross, Offset from the Minos, Tory Lanez, Famous Dex, Rich the Kid, Keith Richards, Eric Gales, Mick Jagger, and Bob Dylan. These are the artists and producers that I would like to work with specifically but in reality I’ll work with anyone because I love creating music with people I can relate to.

You have recently released a track titled “Ain’t Nothing nice”. The track is a modern Hip-hop/Trap fusion and we wonder if you plan to release more trap sounding tracks in the future

Yes, Ain’t Nothing Nice, I wrote the song in a day and my engineer Zach, recorded it in one take, so it was fairly quick lol. The song was produced by Jensen(a young up and coming producer). He found me about a year ago on SoundCloud. After contacting me we had a talk and we been working with each other every since, he’s like a little brother to me. I’m very versatile, so it won’t be as much trap sound in the future because you grow with your music as time go. I came from that type of sound and environment, so I just stay true to me and my abilities when it comes down to it

What are your musical goals for the future?

My goals are to stay focus on my music and to reach as many people as I can with my music, and to gain more fans. Without fans and the people it won’t be possible. I also want to give out more high quality music, switch up my sound more, tour the world, and do as many shows as I can. I see Grammys in my future and having as much fun as I can with my music.

Being called The Hendrix we have to assume you are a guitar player. Do you play? If so when did you start and how does it affect your music?

Yes The Hendrixxx, I got the name from my idol the legendary Jimi Hendrix, as well as Future Hendrix and XxxTentacion(R.I.P). I noticed a lot of artists with the name Hendrix, so I put “The” in front of mine to state that I’m the only Hendrix and added two more x’s because of XxxTentacion and the environment I grew up in. I’ve known how to play the guitar since I was a teenager but I never really explored it until now. I’m working with my mentor to get better. A fun fact is I play left handed like Jimi Hendrix. The guitar plays a big part of my music. About a year from now I plan on releasing one of my biggest projects called Rock Star My Status, where a lot of guitar playing. I been working on this project for a good while and it’s a very exciting project.

What are you goals for 2019, any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

My goals for 2019 are to be mainstream with my music plus make the XXL freshman cover. I want to be able to give my fans more music, more visuals, and to perform my music live. I have a few projects I’ve been working on so be on the lookout for The Exxxperiment 2: Mad Chemist which will be my second ep and also my third ep M.A.R.S. All of these are recorded and produced by Jensen. My plan is to release two projects at the same time and later in the year I’ll release International Hendrix for my fans overseas.

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