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The 5 Types of People You Meet At A Rave


The 5 Types of People You Meet At A Rave

No matter the location, season, or sub-genre of the rave you’re at, there’s no way you make it through the night without encountering each and every one of these five types of people. Beware of some, embody others, and if all else fails, turn people-watching into a sport.

Rave Baby

This is like a baby’s first steps. We’ve all been in this position at one point in our lives, some earlier than others. It’s a culture shock to go from the white picket fence of the ‘burbs to the dark, bassy, technicolour beat of the underground dance music scene. You will spot this attendee decked out in neon, glowstick in hand, probably hooking up with every other person that approaches them (or respectfully bouncing up and down to the music). They’ll either be back or they won’t; there’s no such thing as an occasional rave goer.

Kandi Enthusiast

They’ll be the one with beads hanging down their body in creative ways; guys reliving their youth by donning Cookie Monster inspired masks, or girls swinging their hips in a skirt made of kandi from raves past. They’ll be front and centre at the gate, befriending fellow kandi enthusiasts and flirting—to no avail—with the DJ. They can’t really hear anymore, so they choose to feel the beat instead. You can spot one out with their bloodshot eyes and pallor.


We all have those friends that pretend to be someone they just aren’t meant to be. Beware, for this type of attendee is the most lethal of all. Dressing like a rave baby, but wearing more kandi than even the most enthusiastic of kandi-lovers, they are the ones getting low on the floor with their furry boots and spirit hoods. Mostly spotted in the middle of the floor, pushing unsuccessfully to the front glowing like a neon sign. Just let them bop and grind, but don’t engage in conversation. The Wannabe probably can’t even distinguish house from trap.

Alpha Raver

You know exactly who we’re referring to. The girl with the tailored outfit, acceptable amount of kandi, and not a garish eyeshadow in sight. The guy with the bandanas and cool kicks, embracing his bod without a shirt or donning appropriate attire. Not only do they own the front row, it is their rightful place as the top of the rave attendee totem pole. They get turnt before and after, but never on the dance floor. Only the best raves are graced with their presence. These people eat, sleep, and breathe the lifestyle each and every day. (Note: HBT Crew members are these people).


As we all know, rave culture has become synonymous with drug culture. This is that person who shows up just to taste the ecstasy enhaced water and test out different MDMA powders, walking around in a cloudy daze. By the end of the first set, they’ve already passed out somewhere on the floor. Don’t bother them, just let them take sit down breaks in between the bass drops, and make sure they don’t have to engage in a stomach pumping session at the nearest ER. Hint: mostly spotted right in the middle of the pit.

By: Cat Zografos

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