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The Man Behind The Party: Meet Dave Grutman


The Man Behind The Party: Meet Dave Grutman

What launched your career in the EDM world?

Well, I have worked in the nightlife/hospitality industry for many years and while house/dance music was always big, the massive growth of the EDM genre has allowed us to dedicate a major portion of our business with bookings, etc. to the EDM world. Since we consistently book the best artists at LIV and Story, I have managed to build strong personal relationships with top artists, agents, managers, and key players in the EDM industry.

What are the pros and cons of working in such a competitive industry?

The pros are that it always keeps you on your toes and striving to do better because you always need to keep it fresh and to compete in the industry. I don’t see many cons to it, as I really thrive on competing and pushing my team to be the best in the industry.

What advice would you give to a hopeful DJ or entrepreneur?

I would say you should really know your business/industry. If you are trying to make it as a DJ, then know the music, the other DJs, the clubs, etc. Same with anyone trying to make it as an entrepreneur because these days, DJs are basically entrepreneurs. They need to build their brand like anyone else and part of that is really knowing who they are and what sets them apart from others.

LIV’s success is spoken of worldwide. To what do you attribute its continued popularity?

I think a lot of it has to do with Miami being an international gateway to Europe and South America. Everyone has to come through Miami at some point, and if they are able to experience LIV then they are an amazing marketing tool for us—nothing is better than word-of-mouth recommendations.

What developments do you see in LIV’s future? Is an expansion into other countries a possibility? 

We’re always looking for opportunities to grow the brand—whether that be in other markets/countries or by a venue redesign, which we plan on doing in the near future.

What element of your success are you most proud of?

Having built a strong team that collectively works with me to deliver the best nightlife experience and to grow the LIV/Story brand every day.

What do you have planned for 2015? Any new business ventures you can share? 

We do have a few things in the works such as an LIV redesign and we’re always looking for other possible projects.

Interviewers: Alex Levy & Taylor Rozenblat

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