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A Producer, Guitarist And A Writer, Meet WHITE EYES!


A Producer, Guitarist And A Writer, Meet WHITE EYES!

What first drew you into music?

My family has always been into more alternative music, so I grew up listening to classic/prog rock and started learning guitar when I was 12. In my teens I turned into a little metalhead and played in a few local bands, got some demos recorded with some friends and really enjoyed that creative process! 

So, when I was 18 I got my own setup for recording my own song ideas, but actually enjoyed programming the drum parts more than tracking guitar… which slowly evolved in playing with synths and other plugins… then after hearing some early Excision and Skrillex tracks I was hooked on aggressive-sounding dubstep and it all got heavier from there! 

Listening to your music we can tell you love incorporating interesting new sounds and techniques within each track! What inspires you to experiment and evolve?

I always try to listen to a lot of music, of course – a lot of it is dubstep, and I’m always inspired and amazed by the tracks that come out on labels like: Crowsnest, Interval Audio, Full Flex Audio and Visum – but I also listen to all types of metal, hip-hop, even classical music and everything else between. 

I also try to record a lot of foley sounds and work them into my tracks whenever I can, and have a bit too much fun with it… I’ve had cake tins, a dishwasher, nerf guns and all sorts feature in my tracks!

It seems like you already found your signature sound 😊 Do you have any tips for upcoming musicians that can’t seem to find their own sound?

Practice, keep practicing and then practice some more! Experiment with building up layers of sounds, then you’ll eventually figure out how to tame all that noise. Don’t get too bogged down in the mixing and mastering side of things, focus on the fun and creative side and (while there is a little bit of theory to be learned) you’ll start writing better sounding tracks with every track you work on!

If you’re struggling with a track; try deleting everything apart from a 4 bar loop of drums and a handful of bass sounds. Try to make a new track with that and see where it takes you!

Your track ” Sectumsempra” is your best track in our opinion! From its artwork to the Incredibly powerful sound we absolutely love it. Could you tell us more about the story behind this track? Also, what is your creative process like?

Thanks! So I find it helps to build up a list of track titles before I start making anything, either references to games, literature, religion and all types of things (as long as it sounds badass)! It helps me imagine the atmosphere, vibe and the sounds I’ll try to create. 

My fiance actually suggested ‘Sectumsempra‘ when I asked if there was any cool sounding spells from Harry Potter while adding to my ‘list’. So after a bit of research, I decided to really play with some slashy, dissonant knife and sword samples and it just went from there! A lot of my tracks usually start with a particular sample or sound in mind. 

As for my workflow, sometimes I’ll blast through a new track from start to finish over a weekend or two. But all the tracks I save up for my EPs/albums are projects of months of hard work; I’ll listen any finished tracks on my commute into work on repeat and come back with a list of things to fix, and repeat that until I’m satisfied (or driven to insanity!)

What are your musical goals for the future?

I’d still love to play overseas! There’s not really a scene for my type of heavy dubstep in the UK (yet?), but so many great shows all over Europe and the United States! 

What do you have planned for the coming months? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

We’ll I’ve just dropped my ‘Drown’ EP on Visum Collective – so hopefully that will suffice for a while! But next up, I’m planning to get a lot of collaborations done and plenty of original tracks for what will be my second album! I’ve got a few rough drafts and a concept in mind, as well as a few people I want to work with. Along with that, I’m planning to get up to scratch on my guitar again and make some real hefty metal-meets-dubstep tracks! 

Oh, and I’m getting married in July (and turning 30 in June)- so music might be taking a backseat for a month or two! But I’m sure 2020 will bring plenty of new tracks from White Eyes!

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