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What first drew you into music production and EDM/Hip-Hop production in particular?

I always really liked music even when I was super young and once I became a DJ I think I looked at music differently and had a better understanding of it. D.J. SOULjah was my first teacher and he continues to be my mentor and guides me. He put me through a curriculum and got me to a point where I could stand on my own and perform live. I never wanted to just play other peoples music and first found that I had a unique ear for mashups. The first one I did that people seemed to really like was 21 Pilots “Ride” with Getters “Rip n’ Dip”.  It was cool to see people hear a song they know but in a different way. After a while, I wanted to make my own beats so I started working with local producers like Kuantize who taught me the mechanics of FL Studio. Hip Hop is the music I’m really into and those beats sound the best to me so that’s the music I’m putting out right now.


Your latest remix of the legendary XXXTENTACION is one of the best remixes we have heard in recent months. Could you tell us more about the remixes creation processes? Also, what does this remix mean to you?

Thanks, I think it’s my best so far. Rare PT 2 is a song that many people didn’t know so I wanted to use it and I came up with incorporating the 911 phone call and one of his last Instagram live post as a way to repeat his message one more time and combine it with his music.  I recently got Omnisphere and feel like I was able to be more creative and use more elements in this beat compared to my other ones. Basically, X predicted his own death in that post and he wanted to leave a message for his fans in case it did happen. I figured it was a perfect tribute especially because he is speaking directly to the youth. I feel like his music really speaks to me and the anxiety that many people feel when they are young and because his past was so full of bad things I really believed that he was wanting to turn his life around and that he had begun to appreciate life and try to make the most of it. X had been through so much negative stuff in his life and as a result, I feel like he was really smart, maybe not book smart, but he was people smart. He could use his music to relate to people and help with their anxiety and depression. I feel really bad for what happened to him and wish we could have seen more of what he was capable of.


Your 3 latest remixes have already amassed close to 1 million views on SoundCloud. How does it feel to receive such a warm welcome from the SoundCloud community?

Sick! It’s super cool and I think SoundCloud is a great platform for artists. Without SoundCloud, I don’t know that I would still be trying to make music. Being able to see reaction helps drive me to continue and without that it would be hard to be motivated because it would be harder to get my music out there. I appreciate the views and can’t believe the movement when the songs get reposted. It’s nice for me to have a place to post and get a feel for what people like. It’s crazy to think that SoundCloud is how X got discovered, so I’m hoping one day I have a song that hits.


You are only 12 years old and you have already performed at D Magazine’s, “Best of Big D” party. How was it performing for such a large crowd? Was it fun?

It was a great show and amazing to be on the big stage. My favorite thing is to have an active crowd that is dancing and really getting into the music I am playing. It was amazing to play the Bomb Factory and be on the same stage that so many other big artists have played. It felt good that D Magazine featured me as part of Dallas’ best local performers and it was crazy to have my own green room!


How do you balance school with all of your success?

I try to keep school and my music separate. My school, The Episcopal School of Dallas has been very supportive of me. At school I’m just a normal 6th grade student and when I’m playing or making music I am just getting to do what I like. School is what I have to do and Music is what I like to do. I don’t really talk about my music stuff with my friends. I sometimes prefer to perform in front of people I don’t know because then I feel like their reaction is raw and genuine.


You started performing at the young age of 9 and started producing your own music a year later. Who inspired you to perform and get into music at such a young age?

I first heard a Skrillex beat & loved it. When I started researching that type of music, I came across Martin Garrix and realized that he started at a young age and so I asked to learn how to DJ. I was also really into Getter & he got me into dubstep. I really like what he’s doing and that he is getting more into hip hop now too. I’ve been able to see both Martin Garrix and Getter shows and they are amazing. Last month, I saw a Ski Mask the Slump God show with DJ Scheme and most of their show was in tribute to X, so it was really cool.


What are your goals for the coming months and any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

I would really like to release an EP soon, and I’m looking to have a rapper do vocals over one of my beats. I have 3 beats mastered and ready, and just need to find people that want to collaborate with me. I’m in contact with some people, but I don’t like to be up front about it and ask them, because I’m sure they get that all the time. I also, like to talk to them and don’t want them to think that I am using them to get what I want. I hope I’m in this game for a long time and it’s fun to just have the chance to talk to people.


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