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Meet Nolan Asher


Meet Nolan Asher

What first drew you into music and R&B in particular?

To be completely honest, I’m unsure. One day I was just thinking ‘I want to make something different’ and it just so happened that I started making R&B from that point.  It really worked out well in my opinion, it just feels natural for me.


You have released your first track “Somebody to love” only a few days ago and already hit over 2000 followers on your Soundcloud! Did you expect the track to be this successful?

The humble me would say no I didn’t expect it, but the truth is that I spent so much time on this record.  Flights to and from LA, booking studio sessions in Hollywood and sleeping just a few hours for weeks on end to work on this new music. I’m super happy with the outcome on ‘Somebody To Love’ and will continue to push myself to the fullest with my creativity.

Coming from Los angles do you have any favorite clubbing spots?

Not a huge clubber but if I had to say one id say academy. Super awesome vibes.


Listening to “Somebody to love” we can tell you are not a newcomer when it comes to music production, Care to share more about your musical background and your creative process?

I started creating music around 4 years ago and for those who don’t know, I have another project with my real full name, ‘Nolan van Lith’.  It’s completely electronic, future bass/Trap music.  I started with this and like I said earlier I just wanted to start making genuine music and it stuck with me so I’m focusing on this project more nowadays.

2017 has just passed, how would you summarize 2017? Did it turn out the way you expected it to?

2017 was insane.  From major artists, such as The Chainsmokers supporting me and bringing in nearly 20 million streams collectively on my Nolan van Lith project I more than exceeded my expectations!  I can’t express how excited to kick off ‘Nolan Asher’ and hopefully 2x or even 5x those numbers haha!


2018 has just began, what are your goals for the new year? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

2018 for me is going to be a learning curve.  This music I’m doing now has a whole new reach, a whole new audience. I’m excited to concur anything that gets thrown at me but I know I’m going to make 2018 amazing with the passion and dedication I have for this new music. So many new songs I’m working on now that I cannot wait to show to the world.


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