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Discover Goku Sanchez

Your latest track “Right now” has a distinct old-school vibe. Care to share more about what first drew you into hip-hop and classic hip-hop in particular?

Growing up, I have always listened to Chance the Rapper, he is the only rapper I have spent my money on to see in concert. He has a heavy inspiration to my music and influenced me to make my own style of hip-hop mixed with classic hip-hop. And Coldplay.. their music is fire and the weekend, those would be my top 3 artists.

In the spirit of the last question almost all of your tracks are very melodic and have a very distinct “Old school” vibe to them, Do you play any instruments? 

No, I do not play any instruments but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve been working on music for less than a year. I watched youtube videos to learn how to mix and master my own music.


You have worked with some great artists in the past! If you could work with anybody in the industry who would that be?

Chance the rapper, Lil skies, trippie redd, and Jaden Smith.


Your alternative rock track “So high done” Showcases your ability to create great sounding “mainstream” hip-hop, How do you manage to create so many different styles of hip-hop and keep the quality at the same time?

I have my base that I keep the same, and then I go into the booth where I collaborate with other artists and we go off each other’s flow. I’m open minded to all kinds of music. I like to test my limits and my skills with mixing. I conquer any challenge I have.

You have released a lot of tracks in the past few months! Do you plan to keep releasing tracks at that pace?

I make music on an everyday basis. Every day I’m getting better to make it to the top.


2018 has recently started, What are your plans for the new year? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

Right Now I’m planning on doing shows and more interviews for 2018. I am also going to drop a track called “Morning (feat.Jet)”. Jet is an artist I’ve been recently collaborating with. You can follow him on Instagram @Jetismusic.

I am also selling my own merchandise (t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies) the visual designs and photographs are from Ashley @ashh_mar.


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