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Meet DJ Huguito


Meet DJ Huguito

Your first track “Belongs to You” is too good to be produced by a beginner producer. Can you tell us more about how you started producing EDM? 

Well, funny thing is, I’m not really a beginner. I first started listening to EDM music in 2010 while watching Ultra Miami on my computer. I was stuck in bed with a fractured leg and well, listening to music was my only way of getting through the pain and frustration of having a rare disease. I was born with a brittle bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This disease has caused me to have over 200 fractures throughout my life. As you can imagine, my life growing up was never easy. But yeah, my love for EDM music started then.

Your latest track “belongs to you” is one of the best progressive house tracks of 2017 care to share more about your creative processes and the story behind this track?

Wow, thank you. This really means a lot to me. This is actually going back to the first question. I started producing or making music, after watching Ultra Miami 2010. I knew that this is what I wanted to do. So I ended up watching YouTube videos of how to produce music. With countless hours and days of trial and error, I finally found my passion. I never really thought about releasing a track until “Belongs to You” was mastered. This is when I knew the sound quality of my track was at the level of what Record Labels were looking for. Next was trying to find the right vocals for the track. The song “Alive” by Dynastras Feat. Max Landry is what drew me to contact Max. I knew his voice would be perfect for my track. It just started rolling from there.

I’d also like to give BIG thanks and shout out to Dimatik and Cinematiks Recordings for signing the track. They have been so supportive of me. They are truly one of the up and coming labels. Couldn’t have done it without them.

Coming from Miami do you have any favorite clubbing spots? Also, where do you love playing the most?

Well, Miami is definitely the spot to go clubbing. There are a variety of genres to choose from. Whether you like EDM, Hip-Hop, Latin or even a little bit of everything combined. The hottest spots that I would recommend are Liv and Story. David Grutman always makes you feel at home.

As far as playing, it doesn’t really matter where. DJing is probably the best feeling ever. Never in a million years could I have imagined ever being a DJ. Music has given me the confidence to never give up. It’s my fuel and dedication to want to play in music festivals. My DREAM.


With the rise of tropical house and future bass, some genres such as progressive house started losing popularity. We think your track is the perfect example why progressive house is one of the best genres in EDM. Saying that we hope you will keep coming out with more progressive bangers in the future. Are there any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

Yes, I agree Tropical House and Future Bass are popular but my love for Progressive House is what got me into producing. Artists like Hardwell, Nicky Romero, and Blaster Jaxx inspire me to someday be like them. In saying all this though, it doesn’t exclude me from producing other genres. As for any upcoming projects, Stay tuned…


How would you summarize 2017?

2017 was the beginning of my music career. People and club owners started noticing my talents and not my wheelchair. In the beginning it was very hard and discouraging. No one really wanted to give me a shot. That is until I confronted a club owner in Miami to give me a shot. From, then on I started getting a following. I guess this is where my track is sort of inspiring. I want to motivate people to never give up and of course to never stop dancing.


What’s up for 2018? Any upcoming projects we can get excited about?

To be honest, who knows what’s in store for 2018. I’m just looking forward to producing more music and playing at more events. My ultimate goal is to start touring around the world inspiring people with my music and eventually playing at many festivals.


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